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1.0. Abstract

Open_Sailing model populated

Open_Sailing is developing Nomadic_Ecosytem, as a part of its vital modules for  of the International_Ocean_Station_1 prototype.
We are trying to design floating gardens in order to sustain the life of the International_Ocean_Station_1 navigators for an non-determined period of time in semi-autonomy.
The perspective is not survival but comfort.

We have divided this fraction of research in 3 weeks :

- 1 : human physiological need assessment, ocean capacities and overfishing alternatives, theoretical exploration of existing aquaculture models - design of several permaculture aquaculture modules suitable for the high-seas. We are trying to gather all techniques that we could use later in our design proposal, the floating garden being a modular polyvalent platform for different experiences.

2 : assessment of fabrication capacities on site, fabrication of small scale model, test in the water, re-design, re-fabrication of small prototypes, selection of one for production, optimization