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Energy_Animal_poster by Antonio Carvalho Fernandes

>> Can we harness nature energy at sea? From which sources?

>> Can we combine different renewable energies to provide a more reliable electric output?

>> Can we make small low maintenance modules that will drift across the oceans, off-grid?

>> Do we need to pay for energy when energy (wind, sun, waves...) is everywhere infinitely available? Can we avoid energy wars?

>> Can we make available electricity for free for anyone needing it?

>> Can we contribute to environmental and pollution global  monitoring systems?

>> Can we use the Energy_Animal for other purposes like creating data mesh network?


Cesar Harada , Open_Sailing
Antonio Carvalho Fernandes, Imperial College London, Innovation Design Engineering.
Gerard Rallo, Royal College of Art, Design Interactions, London.
Lance Mercado, Civil Engineering, University of Manchester.


Dr. Valentin Heller, Hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics Scientist, University of Southampton, UK.
Prof. John Chaplin, Experimental Physics, University of Southampton, UK.
Jessica Spurrell, Aerospace engineering, hydrodynamics, University of Southampton, UK.


EPSRC (Engineering and Physical sciences Research Council).
NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts).
Royal College of Arts, Design Interactions, London.

We are looking for material donations :
- solar panels
- solar dish (parabolic concentrator)
- car battery
- electronics
- GPS receivers / emitter
- free wheel on bearings for gyroscope 

We are looking for 
- engineers to help us develop a competitive prototype
- sailors to volunteers host the tests at sea.

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Raised byOwnerPriorityIssueResolutionDate due
Cesar Harada Energy_Animal P1 FInd cheap parts check maplins and electronic provider catalogs, imagine hacks  
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