Anybody can contribute to the Open_Sailing project in a number of ways: 
  • be a part of a lab, bringing your expertise and energy to an existing project
  • create your own lab, or host your research within one of the labs
  • donate money to a particular lab, or to the organization as a whole
  • donate materials (electronics, mecanics, sails, fishing gears, diving gears, raw materials)
  • keeping us updated about marine technologies, environmental news, scientific discovery we should be aware of, you can also become a contributor to our blog. NB - we're changing the blog system pretty soon so that anybody can contribute
  • If you are an institution, a foundation, a group of activist, you can help us a lot too. Maybe we can also contribute to your project. We're happy to make partnerships, and link to people and places around the world!
  • Introduce us to relevant institutions and foundations that might be able to help us or we could help
  • Comment and contribute to any part of our website. On most pages there's a 'comment' button...just press it and tell us what you think!

If you need any information about how to contribute please contact us.