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Rupert Spann is a jack of all trades. While completing his
undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science via
correspondence through the University of South Africa
<> UNISA, he worked in Europe and South Africa as well
as hitchhiked through Central America, India, Nepal and Canada and
Southern Africa. In 2006 he completed a postgraduate degree in
Astrophysics and Space Science through the University of Cape Town
<> (UCT), doing a paper on the topside ionosphere. He has
done engineering design work, project management, modeling harbours in
Barcelona, analysing telescope sites for new 30meter class telescopes,
developed software applications... but has always liked to get his
hands dirty doing construction, and the sharing knowledge.
During 2008-2009 he spend a year at one of the most isolated research
bases in the world on Gough Island, working as a meteorologist. From
where he co-ordinated a multinational web-site following the first
eclipse of the International year of Astronomy. His interest in the
sharing and understanding of science has lead to spend his time on the
island studying cognitive neuroscience- which he plans to study
further. His other fascination is aviation and is currently completing
is Private Pilot Licence.

Why Open Sailing?
Because ideas are free, and are wasted if not shared! Because it is
organic, something alive, something constantly evolving and growing.