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Cesar Harada, Coordinator, designer, MA Royal College of Art [London]
I initiated Open_Sailing after writing my dissertation about "open architecture" and doing experiments on bioarchitecture in the urban context. I have always been interested in sailing and engineering, renewable energies and how technology can change people's life. I'm now coordinating the project, trying to push each of our sub-projects -labs-  toward the open-source development of an International Ocean Station. We have to learn so much of the blue planet!
Ollie Palmer, Product designer, graphic designer [London]
Besides assisting with design and fabrication of the Open_Sailing prototype, I'm working on media coordination and marketing —to ensure that the concept is properly understood and reaches the right people. I'm also planning a series of workshops to engage families and children with the project, and will assist in the production of any media materials for the project. I will also be on board Open_Sailing_01. Along with the other crew I have recently completed safety training at sea.
Colet Castaño, Communication, art curator, event coordinator [London]
The Open_Sailing_01 is a prototype, it needs extensive media coverage to attract specialists and general interest. The Open_Sailing is alive, it is the people, the energy, that we need to communicate to people, it has to be an invitation for a fabulous adventure that is only starting. I'm coordinating public events and working with sponsors and institutions.
Martin Gautron, Event designer, mechanician, survivalist [Paris]
I am designing, fabricating and sailing the structure, I make sure we take pragmatic decisions in the design, the making and at sea. I'm particularly interested in survival technics, and more generally how to ensure ourselves a comfortable lifestyle in this new environment, far beyond survivalism towards a comfortable green and hi-tech lifestyle.
Nasser Moustakim, Metal and structural engineer [London]
I'm designing 3D models and researching any information to enhance the design and building of the structure, life on board, technics of fishing etc. I have extensive experience of manufacture, and will be supervising construction in order to assure quality control. I will also sail the Open_Sailing, and I will be ready to repair the structure in the middle of the sea and participate all ocean farming and research activities. I am interested in safety on board, life saving, and structural engineering.

Hiromi Ozaki Artist, Designer, Programmer [London, Tokyo]
Narito Harada, Lawyer, legal advisor [Paris]
I am a lawyer, and my speciality is environment and international pollution issues. I make sure the team is legally safe, that the authorities are supportive of our project, and that the research benefits everyone –not just large industries.
Pano Kroko, Tech guru and visionnary business investor [London]
I am advising on the commercial, ethical and political strategy of the project. Such great ideas need to stand rough economical conjuncture. This is a visionary project and we need long-term partners and investors to invent our future.
Abigail Palmer, writer, public relations [London]
Such an interesting project needs great communication to make sure the world understands what's going on. I make our literature and communication concise and evocative, scientifically reliable and fun to read!
Ilona Gaynor, 3D, computing, data managment [London]
Open_Sailing is a complex project. The activity produces a lot of data, 2D and 3D visuals; it needs good visualisation and order.
Adrien Lecuru, Video artist, maker, painter [Paris]
My art is to captivate instants, may they be calm during the design or passionate during the craft and the sailing. The rythm and composition is key.
Nadine Freischlad, Sponsor liaison, fund-raiser, blogger, [Berlin]
I'm not a survival specialist of any kind but at least I can swim. I'm also a part-time blogger, community manager and media designer from freelance city, Berlin. I will be helping Open_Sailing with PR work and fundraising

Yoko Kasai, Crew Manager [London]
I make sure the project is on good tracks, and that every crew are confident and happy with their work:)

Owen Hodgkinson, Designer BA Camberwell University of the Arts London
Owen is currently studying 3D Design at Camberwell University of the Arts London. He is in the third year of the BA and has just completed an internship with Cesar Harada at Open_Sailing. His role was to research, design and construct the floating gardens for growing and harvesting food from the sea. The idea influenced the re-designing of the main vessel and now the concept is being developed further. Owen's ongoing study is on growing food in the urban environment. He hopes to learn and teach people how to become more self sufficient in controlling their supply of food as a reaction our current reliance in the fragile food systems of the city. He hopes to create designs and interventions to tackle this subject and to educate communities on a local scale to do the same.  
Ben Lesur, [Berlin]
I am an artist and metal craftman. I studied craft at the Ecole Boulle, Paris (FR) and Fine Art at the academy of Art Architecture and Design of Prague (CZ). With Sylvain Troianowski, we created Atelier KW in Berlin , where we are going to build a part of the mechanical pieces for the plateform, and the second module (Lab 2-nomadic ecosystem) called BPM.

Sylvain Troianowski, designing, calculating the structure
Ian DaniellDesigner BA Camberwell University of the Arts London
Tom DaviesDesigner BA Camberwell University of the Arts London
Rupert Spann, Computer Science, Astrophysics and Space Science, Constuction. 
Oliver Hogan & John Hill, Organising art events
Gianluca Giabardo, product designer, sailor and lifesaver
Edward Murfitt, Mecanical engineer, social entrepreneur.
Vahakan Matossian, Product designer, composer
Peter Von Batheld, Performer, gardener, sailor
Heidi Wikar, Textile designer and engineer Maxime Darmon, documentation & publication
Donald Stalter, Fund raising advisor
Sinta Tantra, Art and business advisor
Cereinyn Ord, Photographer
Tim Hull, Game Design 

... You? We are still looking for collaborators : biologist, oceanographer, kite specialist, maritime architect, sea farmer, web designer, programmer, fund raiser, sailors, accountant... Be a part of the team!


Marko Peljhan Arctic Perspective Initiative

How to design an operating system and our future shelters on the oceans? (Archigram Walking city above)

Special thanks to

Tony Dunne, director of the Design Interactions department at the Royal College of Art. 
Nina Pope, our project tutor. 
Tom Hulbert, Luckybites electronics and programming. 
Alex Zivanovic, electronic, physics. 
Tim Olden, hardware, DIY. 
James Auger, Design + mechanical engineering. 
Anaelle Madec, ethical product designer. 
Caroline Le Saint, coquillage de Bretagne 
Yann Chauty, Centre d'etude et de pratique de la survie, Pornichet - Lorient 
Jean-Marc LeGac, maritime doctor 
Yvon Legay, Institut Maritime de prevention 
Gilles Ebersolt, Architecture hors-sol et gonflable 
Loic Dussud, IFREMER equipements 
Jean Marvaldi, IFREMER renewable energies 
Dimitri Launder, Area10, Artist - entrepreneur 
James Stevens, 
Claire McRandal,


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