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2010/01/10 Paris

posted Jan 9, 2010, 9:06 PM by Cesar Harada
<Cesar Harada> Europe is very very cold, yesterday in Paris suburbia temperature fell to -20 Celcius, very unusual. The gulf stream has been deviated to Greenland this year for a while, it is a natural change of pattern, but this year it is being specially impressive, the coldest temperature in the last 50 years on the Atlantic, and the winter of 2010 may not be yet at its peak. That means also that more heat is being transferred onto ice caps to melt, change of salinity etc... I found a very good article explaining this.
Completely different subject : I enjoyed making a quick draft calculation of how many antennas we would need to install at sea in order to establish a data mesh network (aka Openet) and ... it is way too expensive so far... </Cesar Harada>