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Installation design

how to explain protei's oil collecting/absorbing feature in the exhibition hall?

experience of looking at the ocean in the surface of water perspective

size of the circle : approx 6.5 meter diameter (3.25 radius)
the height of hall : approx 3.5 meter

design approach _01

A. 3 layers
with 1) swarm 2) acrylic panel box filled up with water 3) projection though the water with image of liquid 

B. rotating projections on the curtains
slow rotation to give feeling of water

moving images will be liquid movement which explains the process of spreading, collecting, absorbing.


design approach _02

A. physical objects representing oil spills
hanging from the ceiling / kinetic movement that shows 'spreading + collecting"

B. the balls will move automatically towards to sea_swarms like "collecting" and spread out in a while later.

c. the balls might change colors from black to white (spreading to collected stage)

B. multi projections on the curtains

*these wonderful 3D images done by adam....

equvments list :

projector : 3
computers : 4
LDC screen : 1 (outside of the space)
dvd players (or computer) : 1 (outside of the space)

references+others :

A. installation reference

A. kinetic movement design sketch