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INCHEON international Digital Art Festival 2010 Festival 

DATE : September 1st~30, 2010 

LOCATION : Tomorrow City (in Songdo, Incheon, Korea) 

CONTACT INFO : Suhjung Hur / Curator +82-10-8884-7855 (mobile) +82-2-2121-7261 (office) 

Main exhibition1 BLUR
Main exhibition2 Wave 
Main exhibition3 Mobile Art 
Young Media Artists: China, Japan and Korea
Public Art Initiative
International Conference and Workshop >> the one you can give suggestion 


Today’s advanced technologies in everyday life has brought dramatic changes in the scales and perception in time, space, reality, and our own individualities. As the long-standing concepts extend infinitely, our freedom to explore these new terrains expands accordingly. 

In the realm of creative practices, the labels that were used to categorize media arts, architecture, design, sound, and social activity become blur. Designers talk with architects, artists collaborate with engineers, and musicians write with computer scientists. In this way, architecture becomes fluid, design becomes embryonic, fashion becomes responsive, and art becomes interactive. These tendencies are about acknowledging the context, environment, and (others related to one another) interrelationship.

By blurring the boundaries between the physical and the virtual, functionality and aesthetics, artificial and nature, art and technology, our new culture () engages us to become active collaborators rather than spectators lurking behind this ever-changing mode of creation.

BLUR explores most daring experiments in contemporary creativity. We expect these experiments will open up a new mode of experience for us while demonstrate a pausing moment in constantly logged-on, encoded life. 

Submission / installation

1. most recent bio(about 300 words) / CV 
2. project description (conceptual / technical, about 550words) 
3. Technical rider 
A-items shipped/ carried to Korea 
B-materials supplied by host) 
If you have items shipped to Korea, please fill in the blanks in the attached excel file and send it back to me. 
This is for shipping and insurance. 


from August 27th (4 days) 

Workshop & Artist talk 

If either incheon or nabi center ( is not willing to provide venues for this, I will search other places. Artist talk will be free admission, but workshop will be charged to participants with minimum material purchase.


size of the circle : approx 6.5 meter diameter (3.25 radius)
the height of hall : approx 3.5 meter