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If you are looking for the crew log, day after day, a few notes to keep a trace of the progress.
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June 30, 2010 Computer Sustainability MIT Statta Center The International Ocean Station http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computational_Sustainability 
February 7, 2010 Open_Sailing at TED 2010 Long Beach, Los Angeles, USA Open_Sailing presented by Cesar Harada at TED 2010 TED fellows page 
February 3, 2010 Open_Sailing at Golsmiths University, Interactive Design London, UK Presenting Open_Sailing, and perhaps some little experiments... MA Interactive design page 
November 26, 2009 Open_Sailing Lecture and Workshop at CCCB Barcelona, Spain Exploring the concepts of Open_Sailing, putting it into simulations, perhaps actions Blog post 
September 16, 2009 Open_Sailing at the MIT, Media Lab, Tangible Media Boston, USA Sharing the Open_Sailing and the perspective of the International_Ocean_Station with MIT Students. It was a great session Blog post 
September 6, 2009 Open_Sailing at Mission Future, Global Summit 2009, Linz, Austria Linz, Austria Open_Sailing at Mission Future, Global Summit 2009, Linz, Austria Blog post 
September 4, 2009 Open_Sailing at Ars Electronica [NEXT IDEA] Linz, Austria Linz, Austria Open_Sailing at Ars Electronica [NEXT IDEA] Linz, Austria Blog post 
August 30, 2009 Open_Sailing at the Barbican London, UK Presenting Open_Sailing in the context of the exhibition "Radical Nature" Blog post 
July 7, 2009 Open_Sailing at the V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media Rotterdam, Netherlands Open_Sailing was presented quite technically by Cesar Harada as a part of a series of conferences called "Test_Lab: What Crisis?!" Blog post 
June 13, 2009 Open_Sailing at the Art and Architecture Association, London London, UK Open_Sailing presented Blog post 
Showing 10 items