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What is Open_Sailing doing ?


The best way to predict our future is to invent it. Alan Kay, 1971 Palo Alto

The aim of Open_Sailing is to develop the International_Ocean_Station. The international Ocean Station would perform several things :

- Oceanography & Exploration
- Astronomy
- Pollution treatment, climate study
- Biodiversity study and management
- Natural reserve monitoring
- Renewable energy (wind, sun, wave), biofuel (algae)
- Farming: Tackling over-fishing, sustainable aquaculture
- Medical Research 
- Decentralization of Infrastructure (mesh networking node)
- Life Saving, on illegal migration routes (ie. on illegal immigrant routes)
- Architecture research, Open Architecture
- Development of hardware and software technologies

If you are interested in any of theses areas, work with us

We have great oil rigs that permit us staying in the oceans in the same place, but they are extremely expensive and pollutive facilities. We have great boats, they are great to go from point A to point B, but they are expensive and usually not optimized to stay in one same study field. We need a new type of intermediary architecture, many floating laboratories to carry middle terms to long terms field research. 

In the process of engineering this new research facility we may invent a new architecture family, a soft architecture, a bioarchitecture in symbiosis with the environment.

Ocean survival architecture has been a strong source of inspiration,(ie. Givens Liferafts) but we need to go further than surviving : how can we live together in this new fluid configuration and remain a hyper-connected intelligent social being? We are trying to make a truly “open architecture” : pre-broken, under-defined, reconfigurable, moveable, pluggable, organic, fluid. Can we reach a harmonious dynamic state of interdependence with each other and the blue planet? Will this lead to the next step of civilization progress?  Will we dissociate our concept of progress with infrastructure and metropolis?


OpenSailing.net & 2012hopes.com concept and world map by you.
This is the concept map of the project : read from the bottom to the top, from the 2012 fears volcano, giving birth to the open sailing station. Download pdf (11.6mb) / see .jpg (2.6mb) / see flickr page

OpenSailing.net & 2012hopes.com concept and world map by you.
This is the geographical map of both 2012hopes.com and opensailing.net : 2012hopes.com suggests the ideal location, Open Sailing figures out how we will live and thrive in this new geographical context. download pdf (7.6mb) / see .jpg (1.4mb) / flickr page

The maps have all been programmed on maps.google.com, you can save individual map and ad them as your own (if you have a gmail account which is free and amazing) : all maps directory by 2012hopes@googlemail.com. You can also view these maps confortably using google earth.

open sailing world map
We have very few of these maps A1 size, please print your own from this high quality file here.

We might send the map as it is supposed to be : folded, to fit in your pocket, an authentic survival map.

How can I contribute?

The project is at full speed now, as an individual you can :
- register on the blog, comment the posts. write posts (register by sending an email to the blog admin)
- donate (coming soon) on our Paypal account
- talk about our project around you positively, social bookmark us.
- join our groups on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instructables (soon Linkedin)

As an expert or amateur enthousiast, you can :
- contact us, share your knowledge
- join the crew. It is an open source organization.

As an industrial, sponsor, you can :
- donate to us, because it is a good cause.
- donate us / lend us samples, materials, tools.

Get involved in this great adventure, join the crew, work with us!

How are we organized?

We are divided in several labs, if the one you are interested is not here : create it !

- Instinctive Architecture : an architecture that behaves like a super-organism, reacting to the weather conditions and other variables, reconfiguring itself.

- Energy_Animal : an independent module that generates energy from the waves, wind and sun, providing continuously off-grid energy and being a node for environment and data mesh networking.

- Nomadic_Ecosystem : engineering a mobile aquaculture to sustain human long term life at sea.

- Openet.org : forum to formulate a global standard for a purely civilian internet, an internet owned and moderated by its users, not by the governments nor the industries nor the militaries.

- Life_Cable : a simpler unified standard for energy, water, waste, information in a complex built structure.

- Swarm_Operating_System : a customizable decision assisting software, using real-time data about global threats or personal interests. 

- Ocean_Cookbook : making the experience at sea not of a survival quality but a truly yummy experience.

We also have carry research on minute subjects or when our partners do demand. For example we are looking at new ways to collect the plastic in the oceans or crude oil in the gulf of Mexico

If you want to contribute to one of the lab, please contact the head of Lab or the coordinator, explain what you want to do.