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010 Protei_X proto to product

Objectives : What it does

  • Watertight, unsinkable
  • Agile at sailing and robust.
  • Easily upgradable. 
  • Ready for manufacturing and retail.

Characteristics : How it looks

Protei_010 research for the Hull

Size : Approximately. 1m long, that would fit in a travel suitcase. 
Weight : Max 5kg
Shape : Hydrodynamic profile. Streamlined shapes, minimum gap between segments. Inspired from Protei_002, 008a for the shape and size. 
Sails : 2 main and jib. 
Motorization : No servo-motors. We are looking into a combo of DC motors + gearbox + worm gear + pulley for self-locking mechanism. 
Extra cargo space : Plenty of space to upgrade the hardware in the hull. Capacity of towing behind Protei with a quick release
Architecture : 

Performance : How well it does

Stay righted on the water
Trim of sail and curvature of hull are controllable remotely. 
Short-range, remote
Tacks back and forth
1 hour battery autonomy

Standards : 

Processor and communication :
Level 1 : Remote control, radio com. 
Level 2 : Remote control with X-bee and Arduino. Camera housing
-- Up to here, is our requirement. Beyond this point, we do not necessarily have to develop it. We are making a simple upgradable platform. 
Level 3 : fits an android device (fits the Arduino MEGA ADK with an Android)
Level 4 : fits a beagle board
Level 5 : fits a raspberry π
Level 6 : controllable via GSM (fits the GSM Arduino Shield)
Level 7 : controllable via satellite

Robust sailing, tacking, trimming of sail, eventually self-righting

Materials : 

Boards : 
We're considering Ardupilot Mega 2.0
Arduino UNO
Arduino MEGA
Raspberry PI
Arduino GSM shield
Android alone

Electronics: custom etched motor driver that we design, or pre made motor driver that we buy
Power: battery for motors, battery for processing unit
Transmitter (radio controller), computer (or USB joystick), cell phone eventually
Structure: We'll try vacuum forming. If necessary we will add fiberglass or carbon fibers. For guaranteed buoyancy, we'll most likely inject foam. 


Cost (manufacturing) : 

Materials : 50 
Electronics (microcontroller, processor, motors drivers, motors) : 75
Power (batteries) : 40
Overall fabrication cost MUST be under 500 USD. 

Scalability : 

-ability to be reproduced and distributed quickly (via vacuum forming) and / or other forms of digital fabrication, so that we can easily make more.
-ability to be reproduced by others
-designs ready for mass manufacturing when we find a manufacturer

Deliverables : 

Software to get started with the basic electronics (Arduino+xbee)
Cad drawings with dimensions of the boat and electronics unit
Digital dimensions for fabrication (vacuum forming, laser etc)
Documentation of equipping it with a camera and radio transmission
Documentation of the process of construction so it can be reproduced
Web forum for documentation of new community improvements of software, hardware, and design and fabrication