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006 "Batman"


Protei_006 in progree

Protei_006 hull bent

Protei_006 sailing in Rotterdam port

Sailing away Protei_006 with Sail_002/003

Protei_006 World Premiere Poster [front]

Protei_006 World Premiere Poster [back]


Documentation & Specs

Protei handbook on issuu

read the 100 page handbook that explains Protei_006 in detail. 

Download the pdf : 
- Screen quality : 


Because this project is so complicated, it will be helpful to split the project into smaller groups focus on specific areas of the project. These smaller groups can each have a group leader, and members can be part of as many groups as they like. This will help similarly interested people meet and work together. This will also help to avoid having huge group conversations that are hard to manage.
  1. Goals
  2. Mechanical Design Team
  3. Power System
  4. Mathematical model and simulation Team
    This is the mathematical modeling group of Protei, which will try to grasp the key dynamics of Protei and evaluate its performance.
  5. Naval Architecture
  6. Control and Communication System
    How we will transmit information to Protei, and how it will use that information.
  7. This is for the remote control and semi-autonomous control system. The sensors and micro-controller.
  8. Marketing team : This is for gaining publicity, finding sponsors, and funding of the project.
  9. Legal aspects:  
    1. breach of collision regulations lookout requirements
    2. Lloyds Register have rules for clean up vessels(manned)
    3. contact with the flag state would have to be started and a discussion on how to prevent collisions ( most likely involves installation of hardware [AIS]) needs to be initiated
        We have a contact in Lloyds Register, who have an Office in Rotterdam, and they are happy to come and talk to the team, perhaps once we convene in June.

So, let's work together, not to achieve all these at the same time, but slowly, point after point. What do we want to tackle? Let's solve one problem at the time:)

If you are a :
- designer / architect : you may want to suggest designs
- mechanical engineer : you may want to suggest materials
- marine engineer : you can tell us the physics required to achieve our targeted properties. 

If you want to get involved on Protei06 you may want to contact, our project manager. 

We are currently working on the documentation of protei 12345 to make it truly open hardware :)  
  • Float
  • Insubmersible
  • Self-righting
  • Inflatable
  • Articulated
  • Autonomous
  • Remote controlled
  • Upwind sailing
  • Sensors

  • Protei 6 properties | Protei6, Collaboration Design Process  


    Cesar proposes a minimal, simple inflatable Protei. Download 3d sketchup file.


    This is a quick draft of the scale and the main parts thought for Protei006. Of course, this is just a rough idea that should change a lot.

    20110210 diagram Protei engineering
    Cesar made a better diagram of the same idea. Download 3d sketchup file.


    Amorphica suggests using plastic bottles to build the hull, so we are able to configure the buoyancy and masses easily. Also it makes the project much cheaper and guarantee unsinkability by compartimenting. See full post explaining. Download 3D file here (3ds max file)


    Inspired by a whale skeleton, Amorphica proposes this research version with multiple masts. The idea is that we may have better sailing upwind capacity this way. Full explanation here


     Main enveloppe : Mylar
     Hull : ETFE
     Sails : Nylon
     Mast : Carbon, epoxy
     Oil Absorbing boom (containment)
     Cables : kevlar
     "bones" : PVC
     Motors : 12v Hoist
     Battery : Boat Battery 12V
     Solar Panel
     Micro-controller : Arduino / pilot
     Remote controller
     GPS receiver + data logger

    This is really rough list of materials, just to give an idea of what may go inside the machine. I deliberately choose materials that are usually used in the industry but that are -for most- known highly polluting materials. Let's find better alternative materials for durable marine construction. :D


    We need to write articles about 
  • Float
  • Insubmersible
  • Self-righting
  • Inflatable
  • Articulated
  • Autonomous
  • Remote controlled
  • Upwind sailing
  • Sensors
  • So everybody uses the same references and we can be up to speed. So if you have good physics basis / you like to summarize information from wikipedia :), you can help everyone propose decent maritime designs.