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8. Links

We share here our links pointing towards the robotic autonomous sailing world. 
You will find here our friends, potential hardware and software suppliers/sponsors, Institutions, robotics groups, DIY hero/forums, non-profit organizations, competitions we may register at some point. Basically, this is our contact book. You can sort it by country or by category. We use this list to seek funding and potential partners.
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DateTypeCountryName & DescriptionLinkAction to takeStatusPotential partner/sponsor
DateTypeCountryName & DescriptionLinkAction to takeStatusPotential partner/sponsor
 Hardware supplier NL IMSO, oil booms Compare prices, order 50% done  
 Hardware supplier NL Sorb, oil booms Compare prices, order 50% done  
 Hardware supplier NL Oil Control Systems, oil booms Compare prices, order 50% done  
 Hardware supplier NL Van Do Clean, oil booms compare prices, order 50% done  
 Hardware supplier NL Poetsdoeken, oil booms copare prices, order 50% done  
 Hardware supplier NL Binnenvaartwinkel, oil booms compare prices, order 50% done  
 Institution France, Brest IFREMER (national french marine research institute) Potential futur user. First contacts taken there for academic guidance/industrial support (Etienne). Big company, long way to find the right person. 25% done  
 Institution UK, Southampton National Oceanography Centre, Southampton get in touch, they might be able to help us develop Protei. Email sent to Prof Grant Hearn, Professor of Ocean Engineering Sciences (Etienne) 25% done  
 University USA, Florida Florida Atlantic University, Schmidt Foundation Could affiliate the research 0% Start  
March 17, 2011 Competition USA Kickstarter Fund-raise protei prototype on Kickstarter 50% done  
 Recruit Protei members USA American Society of Mechanical Engineers post job 25% done  
 University UK, London Goldsmiths University, Design + environment get a PhD :) 25% done  
 DIY hero/group UK, London   
 Event USA opencores, big electronic community join the community, mingle :) 0% Start  
 Media USA just join the community and mingle :) 0% Start  
 Event     0% Start  
 DIY hero/group USA Thingiverse potential partners / community 0% Start  
 * Protei team/partner International  100% done  
 * Protei team/partner Netherlans, Rotterdam V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam  100% done  
 * Protei team/partner USA, New Orleans Louisiana Bucket brigade, Environmental Non-profit  100% done  
 * Protei team/partner USA Suzette Toledano  100% done  
 * Protei team/partner USA TED conferences  100% done  
 recruit Protei members International post internship add etc 0% Start  
 Hardware supplier France plastimo, Europe Largest boat equipment brand plastimo contact them. They will be in the best place to manufacture Protei in a near future :) 0% Start  
 Hardware supplier International The biggest shop in the world, so indeed they have plenty of things we need :) 0% Start  
 Hardware supplier USA Sparkfun sparkfun Amazing DIY hardware retailer + forum. They can source many of our parts + community 0% Start  
 DIY hero/group USA, San Fransisco my favorite website in the web, inventors forum. Same as DIY drones, we could repost the dev of Protei and interact with the amazing community over there. I would be proud to have them as sponsors :) 0% Start  
 DIY hero/group International DIY Drones They develop custom boards for Autonomous drones. We could dev Protei on their website / tap in the amazing community by re-posting our findings 0% Start  
 Non-profit USA, San Fransisco The Seasteading institute   
 Software supplier International We may use this language -or another open source libraries, they might be happy to partner and help us dev the project.  0% Start  
 Hardware supplier Italy Arduino, the board we use to pilot our robot contact them, they would be a great sponsor 0% Start  
 Non-profit International Greenpeace They have great scientists on board, and a great network in general 0% Start  
 Hardware supplier USA Adafruit they would be great sponsors 0% Start  
 Competition Austria World Robotic Sailing Championship register to the next events, get on the mailing list 0% Start  
 >> Protei team/partner France, Bretagne suboceana We need to develop a possible collaboration. They want to use our stuff, we want to use their stuff. 25% done  
 >> Protei team/partner Korea randomwalks  100% done  
 >> Protei team/partner Mexico, USA, LA, Ensenada Amorphica, Architecture, design & Research  100% done  
 Institution USA National_Institute_for_Undersea_Science_and_Technology, NOAA they might want to test Protei 0% Start  
 Institution UK, London Royal Geographic Society Potential sponsors 0% Start  
 Institution USA Office of Naval Research, US Army   
 Institution Netherlands Royal Netherlands Institute for sea research contact them 0% Start  
 Software supplier Netherlands, 2132 BM high end marine software get in touch, maybe they would test our designs 0% Start  
 Hardware supplier UK, Northumberland  Hardy Advanced Composites   
 Friends Switzerland, Zurich  SSA - Students Sail Autonomously   
 Friends Netherlands, Veldhoven xj3, engineering   
 Friends USA, Washington Windlet Robotic Sailboat Project   
 Friends UK, Portencross Portencross boys Portencross boys   
 Hardware supplier UK, Bristol Robbins Timber   
 Hardware supplier UK, Warwick Alchemie, Manufacturers of Epoxy & Polyurethane Resin Adhesives RTV Silicone and Model board   
 University Germany, Lubeck Robsail, Website der RobSail Liga für autonome Segelboote   
 Friends USA, NJ Robotboat   
April 1, 1988 Competition USA The Zero Handed Transatlantic Race These folks must be pretty old now, and maybe willing to share their experiences :)  
May 20, 2008 Competition Austria, Breitenbrunn World Robotic Sailing Championship 2008 They might organize another event, so let's stay tuned here.  
July 6, 2009 Competition Portugal, Matosinhos World Robotic Sailing Championship International Robotic Sailing Conference They might do another competition again, let's stay tuned  
 Friends UK Pinta's blog   
 Friends France, Brest Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs des Etudes des Techniques d'Armement (ENSIETA), Brest, France   
 Friends France, Toulouse Institut Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE), Tolouse, France ISAE   
 Friends Austria Roboat - The Austrian Association for Innovative Computer Science (INNOC), Vienna, Austria   
 Friends Portugal, Porto University of Porto, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering   
 Friends UK, SL5 9TA GPSS, Robin, and Sunninghill Systems   
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