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5. Ideas

Any given technology can be used in a variety of ways. Meanwhile we primarily focus on cleaning an Oil Spill, Protei may have many applications that we need to stay aware off.

Other potential applications

- Physical Oceanography 
- Biological survey 
- Exploration. 
- Poisson Pilote : Sub Glider + Protei (relay, propulsion) | Suggested by <Pierre Carrez> & <Alain Dinis>
- Long-range communications : Protei + Balloon (antenna)
- Water quality monitoring: Protei + MOBESENS project technology: wireless network for water sample management, interactions with buoys | Suggested by <Etienne Gernez>.
- Safety on sailing boats. If Protei softwares and hardwares work well enough, it may inform the development of auto-pilot on existing vessels of various sizes.
- Cargo. We may be able to transport goods on long distances for a good price and environmental impact.
- Supply ship for Isolated areas.

>> Feel free to create a page for each of the potential application and expand the research. Request editing permissions

Radical different design idea for Protei

- Front rudder -> Protei001
- Entirely articulate body -> Protei002
- Inflatable -> Protei003
- Mostly immersed, like narcosub. Basically a transatlantic glider with a sail. 

>> Feel free to expand that list. We suggest that if you want to elaborate on a potential radical different design of Protei, you make a blog post by hitting [New Post] button on the "news" Page and link from here.