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We are all very busy. But we all want this project to happen in the Open Hardware Spirit. There is a lot of work to so we need to make sure we keep track of things. Let's use this simple table to dispatch the work load. It is pretty simple :
>> Assign yourself to a task/s.
>> Create new task/s.
>> Edit existing tasks, setup deadlines. 

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We are currently for a manager for Protei as the project is getting bigger. Please get in touch
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Priority ?Status ?Country ?Team ?People ?Task ?URL ?Note
Priority ?Status ?Country ?Team ?People ?Task ?URL ?Note
December 15, 2011 0% (to be started) USA, New Mexico State University Design Protei student research projects WERC Environmental Design Contest Competition 
 0% (to be started) Asia Design Cesar e-Idea: Solutions for Sustainability Challenges Competition 
June 1, 2011 0% (to be started) China Design Boris, Sey TASML Unveils "Weather Tunnel" Global Initiative Exhibition 
 0% (to be started)  Design 6th International Robotic Sailing Competition Competition 
August 16, 2011 0% (to be started) Germany, Lubeck Design 2011 World Robotic Sailing Championships & International Robotic Sailing Conference Competition 
 0% (to be started) France, Cannes Design Alain Dinis & Philippe Carrez Green Energies & Technologies International Show Exhibition 
September 2, 2011 25% Netherlands, Rotterdam Managing Boris & Piem World Port Day  
February 25, 2011 0% (to be started)  FundRaising, sponsors Boris Establish a list of all potential public /private funding 6. Opportunities  
 25%  FundRaising, sponsors Joshua, Boris, Hunter Apply to get free batteries and solar cells through sponsoring from ATBATT  
May 5, 2011 0% (to be started)  Design Cesar, Shah get in touch with them through Shah. No rush, just interesting organization 
March 28, 2011 25%  Design Li Yu + Hunter Daniel Make a list of medias that may be interested in Protei  Choose TAGs, use tags to find websites, blogs, institutions, clubs, etc... We need to launch the campaign Tuesday morning, so we need a big list of medias to connect monday.  
 0% (to be started)  Components Piem & Cesar Meet the Rotterdam Neptunus club They have open club night every thursday evening 7pm - 10 pm, where they build and chat. Should pay them a visit once ;-) It's here: Korperweg 14, Rotterdam, route description included to the Beatrix park. 
 25%  Properties  Define "Swarm Behavior" Swarm  
 50%  Properties  Define "Semi-autonomous" Autonomous  
January 22, 2011 75%  FundRaising, sponsors All Kickstarter pack : Kickstarter page + video + press release  
May 26, 2011 0% (to be started)  FundRaising, sponsors Cesar Open Clean tech  
February 11, 2011 100% (complete)  Properties Etienne detail the requirements to get Protei as a certified oil spill cleaning technology  
February 7, 2011 50%  Communication Etienne Academic/Industrial Guidance: spreading the word about Protei to specialists in marine pollution impact and recovery, ocean engineering, and other relevant topics. So far the University of Southampton (UK), Delft (Holland), South Denmark (Denmark), Scripps Institute (US) have been contacted. More coming up!  
January 26, 2011 25%  Design Amorphica Define the 3D editing software/s we should use to design Protei + make this software available to the community 006  
January 22, 2011 50%  Communication All Spread the world the add to find a good Ocean Engineer to work on building Protei006 Protei needs a Mechatronic Engineer  
February 17, 2011 0% (to be started)  Design Cesar Make Step by step instructions for Protei 1,2, 3, 4, 5 Versions  
January 29, 2011 25%  Components Cesar Make part list of Protei1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Versions  
February 3, 2011 25%  Managing Piem Contact World Port Day  
 25%  Managing Cesar, Piem, Sey, Aaron Define intellectual property of Protei FAQ  
September 30, 2011 0% (to be started)  Design Design people Optimize design and materials for manufacturing Green & Cheap  
 0% (to be started)  Properties  Define "Unbreakable, safe" rugged & safe  
 0% (to be started)  Properties  Define "Upwind sailing" Sailing  
January 30, 2011 0% (to be started)  Properties  Define "buoyancy" Buoyancy  
January 20, 2011 100% (complete)  Communication Cesar, Piem Fill up the FAQ, answer all questions FAQ  
 0% (to be started)  Properties  Define "Articulated" Articulated  
 0% (to be started)  Properties  Define "Inflatable" Inflatable  
 0% (to be started)  Properties  Define "self-righting" Self-righting  
February 6, 2011 0% (to be started)  Managing Piem 1. streamline workflow with partners. check other open source projects (Open Moko, Fair Phone) To do list  
 25%  Design Open_Sailing, Amorphica, randomwalks, everybody Propose general design 006  
Showing 34 items