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Oil Compass

"Oil Compass" is an ever-evolving constantly updated map based on interactive installation developed under the same title as an integral part of Protei, which has acted as a central information hub about current positions of oil tankers, past and present spills, location of oil rigs and other marine pollutions such as recent radioactive spill in Fukushima. The data visible here is a result of ongoing research or made available for us by mentioned below people/institution. 
The KML files will be available here to download shortly together with the api system which would allow users to send us their own data/findings - to keep the map up to date. The importance of the map lies in closely monitoring marine traffic and oil rigging, weather, sea currents so that it might be easier to predict when and where the next oil/other disaster will happen and where and when Protei might be needed the most. In the future this map also will be vital as a navigation system for Protei and central information about positions of swarm of Protei.

Keep coming back to check updated data! 

You can update the map below with your data. In order to do so please send an email to with 
word "collaboration" in the subject line.  

Presentation for Cultura Digital (Dec, 2011) - slide show: 

"Oil Compass" concept was conceived as a result of plotting and planning by Cesar Harada, Sey Min and Kasia Molga. 
"Oil Compass v 1.0" was possible to produced thanks to support of V2_ the Unstable Media Institute and people: Mark Carter, Simon de Bakker, Richard Bierhuizen and Davor Delija.