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The Protei team comes primarily from these 4 groups :
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Protei team

Protei Coordinator : Cesar Harada (Fr, Jp), TED Senior Fellow, Open_Sailing Coordinator |
Cesar Harada is the founder of Protei, currently acting as coordinator under the Open_Sailing flag. Cesar (France & Japan) is a TED senior Fellow, former MIT project leader, Ars Electronica Golden Nica [NEXT IDEA], graduate from the Design Interactions at the Royal College of Arts in London.

Project Manager V2_ : Piem Wirtz (NL) |
Piem Wirtz is project manager at V2_Lab, where she is not only involved from a management perspective but also in the hands-on production of artworks. She holds a Msc in Industrial Design Engineering and is participating as a dancer in the contemporary dance group Dattah. Piem is actively coaching V2_Lab's artist-in-residents and is all at once a maker, thinker and manager.

V2_ Lab Manager : Boris Debackere (Belgium) |
Boris Debackere (BE) is an artist, lab manager at V2_Institute for the Unstable Media and staff at the postgraduate program Transmedia, Brussels. As a media artist with an emphasis on electronic sound and image most of his recent work and research is focussed on translations and transformations of the cinema concept into new formats like Live Cinema and audiovisual installations. 

Academic coordinator : Etienne Gernez (France, Norway), DNV Veritas Oslo.
Etienne Gernez is a maritime engineer. Currently acting as Academic coordinator for Protei. He's working at DNV (Det Norske Veritas) in Oslo, Norway, in the Ships Hydrodynamics and Stability unit (NTANO362). He is a graduate from the University of Southampton (UK), the University of Bordeaux (France) and the University Centre of the Westfjords (Iceland) in Numerical modeling, Maritime Engineering Sciences, and Coastal and Marine Resources Management.
Head Engineer : Qiuyang Zhou (China, Denmark), Mechatronics, University of Southern Denmark. 
Qiuyang Zhou, 25, studying Mechatronics at the University of Southern Denmark, hold a Bachelor's degree of Mechanical Engineering. He has project experience on mini-yacht building, enjoys programming, sailing, basketball and table tennis. 

Peter Keen Senior Ocean Engineer : Peter Keen (UK, New Zeland),
Experienced Ocean Technologist, has worked on numerous expeditions. 
Mechanical & Ocean Engineer : Roberto Melendez (El Salvador, USA) MIT. 
Roberto is a student of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering at MIT. A native from El Salvador, he enjoys sailing, biking, windsurfing, fútbol and being outdoors in general. I'll be one of the engineers developing Protei this summer.

Electrical Engineer : Logan P Williams (USA) MIT.
Logan is a student in Electrical Engineering at MIT. Hailing from the rainy coast of Oregon, United States, he enjoys cycling, design, and the environment. He'll be assisting with the design and construction of the electrical systems on Protei this summer.

Hacker and Maker Gabriella Levine (USA), Interactive Media, ITP at NYU 
Gabriella is an interactive artist and open-source hardware designer.  Amongst a lot of other things, she loves sailing. She'll be assisting with the fabrication and electronics hacking for Protei. 

Collaborator, Industrial Product Designer : Sebastian Müllauer (Germany).
Sebastian Muellauer is a travelling designer who researches, invents and works with self-sufficient-symbiotic systems. He has a special interest in lightweight construction, pneumatics and natural composites. Studied Industrial Design at the Univercity of Art - Burg Giebichenstein in Halle and at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Collaborator, Interaction Designer & Sensors : Sebastian Neitsch (Germany). 
Sebastian Neitsch is often thinking about upcoming evolutions of artificial environments. Besides that he spends his time creating interactive and robotic Installations or - whenever he needs fame and money - big projections onto big buildings.

Collaborator, Industrial Product Designer : Henrik Rudstrøm (NL, Norway) 
Henrik Rudstrøm is a freelance industrial designer with a passion for combining software and mechanics. Main focus is evolutionary algorithms in the context of design and digital fabrication. Experienced sailor and knowledgeable in modern and traditional boat building.
Collaborator, Manufacturing : Jiskar Schmitz (NL)
Jiskar Schmitz is a TU Delft and practice-schooled engineer with skills in design as well as fabricating. He runs a rapid manufacturing company that opens up high end production for any designer.
Intern, Oil recovery : François de la Taste (FR)
François is a 2nd year student at Mines Paris Tech with a major in Engineering design and Management. He is responsible to coordinate all design issues for Protei V6.0 related to oil recovery.

Video Documentarist: Toni Nottebohm (DE, ES) |
Since 2009 Toni is documenting Open_Sailing and currently the Protei Project. She has experience in video journalism, documentary filmmaking, advertisement and movie production. 
Within Open_Sailing and Protei she explores the possibilities of collaborative filmmaking.
Collaborator, Designer : Bianca Cheng Costanzo (Brazil, Italy, USA)
Kasia Molga (UK/PL ) is an artist/interaction designer working with live data visualisation, sensory and mobile technologies. She has spent her childhood travelling with her father on the merchant navy vessels around the world and her passion for sea and planet is present in most of her projects. Through visualising data of marine pollutions, traffic and biodiversity she helps in assessing current situations of oil spills and prediction of the future disasters, gathered in a project called “Oil Compass”. The work of Kasia is beautiful, an art form that raises awareness about pollutions in the oceans. It is also a major component of the navigatonal artificial intelligence that would controls swarms of Protei in disaster scene recoveries and ocean studies. |

Ru Trew Mahoney (USA). Education and Outreach
Executive Director at Stokes Nature Center. Studied at New College of Florida.

Amorphica Design Research Office, Aaron Gutierrez (Mexico, USA)
Aaron Gutierrez is the Founder of Amorphica Design Research Office, a social/spatial architecture and urban design provocation-laboratory based in California & Baja California. Aaron is a graduate of The Southern California Institute of Architecture [SCI-Arc].

Amorphica Design Research Office Julia Cerrud (Mexico, USA, Spain)
Julia Cerrud has worked at Amorphica Design Research Office since 2005 as a designer, she has a special interest in exploring the interstices between a virtual model, the prototype, and the actual built object. She received her Architectural Degree from Universidad Iberoamericana [UIA].
Simulation and Math team: Gonzalo Tampier (Chile)
Gonzalo researches and teaches at the Institute of Naval and Maritime Sciences of Universidad Austral de Chile in the south of Chile (Valdivia). He is a Naval Architect and got last year his Dr.-Ing. (german PhD) from the Technical University of Berlin. Among many others, he is interested in Simulation (Operational simulation, CFD, Seakeeping, ...) and Ship Aero- and Hydrodynamics (Ship resistance, VPP, experimental ship hydrodynamics). He is also an ocassional sailor hoping to get a more regular one.

Biomimetic computational models, software design, wireless sensor actuator networks (WSAN): Zenon Chaczko (Poland/Australia) 

Zenon has 25 years of experience in marine systems in the engineering industry (Krupp/Thiessen, Thales, Boeing/Raytheon). Dr Zenon Chaczko is currently the Senior Lecturer of Software Engineering at University Technology Sidney and Program Head of Information and Communications Technologies. His recent work in complex system simulation as well as sensor localisation, clustering, detection, data aggregation and tracking algorithms gained a very high recognition in the research community.

Qualification of New Technology, Composite Materials: Philippe

Dr. Philippe Noury graduated from Southampton University and has been employed at DNV since 1999. He has 15 years of experience in the field of lightweight structures for the maritime industry. Dr. Noury has been closely involved with the development of international DNV standards and guidelines related to FRP composites, adhesive bonding and novel forms of lightweight construction. 

Telecommunications Engineer at Thor Fiber and consultant for Comlan Fiber Optic.  Dillon has years off experience with FEA and CFM analysis of 3-D models and designs.  He also specializes in electronic communications systems with an emphasis on satellite communications.  Dillon can be reached at 

Software Engineer: Brian Poissant
Brian is a VP, Engineering at CA Technologies, with 2 decades of Information Technology, hardware and software design/development leadership. He is a patented software designer, a leading member of the CA Council for Technical Excellence, and delivered innovative solutions to many of the Global 500 companies.
One of his personal hobbies is the building and paddling sea kayaks at his home on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, USA.  His most recent involvement has been in the deployment of the website, and the generation of simulated test data for the oil compass project.  Contact Brian at and check out the website.

Maira Begalli (Brazil) : Working with technological and ecological collaborative. Developing methodologies for free appropriation of environmental technologies - involving free software and free operating systems. Free researcher of MetaReciclagem. She is in Study Group on artistic practices, space and life sciences (UFJF), and collaborate on DIYPsci, about practices and DIYBio Biotechnologies and UbaLab. Integrates the core collaborative editorial Mutirão da Gambiarra. Master in Ecology from the University of Santa Cecilia in Santos, also part of the group Ecoarte: Art, Technology and Environment (UFBA) co-directed by Karla Brunet in his research, an experimental laboratory itinerant, free and independent that uses the critical appropriation of technologies in research and development DIYBio (do it yourself) of aquatic drones. The goal is to detect environmental awareness through the ownership of critical technologies on issues related to oil in the municipality of Santos, São Paulo. The intention is to assess how the use of experimental technologies can influence the Ecological Knowledge, Science and Technology (EKST). Post graduated in 2007 in Communication with an emphasis on multimedia journalism appropriation by Casper Libero School, São Paulo (FCSCL). Degree in Environmental Management in 2003 from the Faculty of Environmental Education Senac (SP).

Rafael Hayama (Brazil) : Software developer, computer systems specialist, student, workaholic. Working in a global lab for a couple years, where the learning process and giving information back to a community is as much important as fulfilling your job role, had the chance to get involved with architects, engineers, analysts and developers from all over the world on a daily bases. Dealing with big data, trying new software development tools and production frameworks are part of his commitment as well.

Interested in mobile technology, miniaturization, data analysis, arts, design, and collaborating with innovative ideas for providing solutions to complex systems that most of the problematic cities are made of. Currently focusing all efforts on new technologies in the city of Santos, where the urge of oil extraction in a range that many rely on the natural resources for surviving might cause even more serious environment issues than the pre-existed ones. |

Guima San (Brazil) : Tinkerer, experimenter, maker and hacker. Works in hardware and open software development tied to DIYBio (Biology of do-it-yourself) and DIYPhy (Physics of do-it-yourself) methodologies. Has a blog that documents his processes at Interested in researching and applying basic scientific studies using low-cost technologies and/or reframing the so called "e-waste" ( Contribuitor for the MetaReciclagem moviment, is part of the network. Has an extensive experience in planning and implementing free experimentation labs in Brazil, as well as in teaching free physical computing.

Sey Min
 (randomwalks, Korea)
Joris van Ballegooijen (NL)
Pinar Temiz (Turkey)
Jessica Rohloff
Hunter Daniel (USA)
Li Yu (China)
Carla Colet Castano (Spain)
Ollie Palmer (UK)
Yoko Kasai (JP);
Nae Morita (JP)

Design of flying things : Matthew Lippincott. Public
Design & Community : Molly Danielsson. Environmental Studies, Oberlin, USA. 
Design : Mario Saenz (Mexico, USA)

Design : Kisoon Olm 엄기순 (randomwalks Korea)

Design :  Sunghun (randomwalks Korea) :

Design :  Jieun Yoo (randomwalks Korea) :

Architecture : Tyler Survant (USA) Yale School of

Mechanical Engineering : Joshua Updyke (USA)

Electrical Engineering :  Logan Williams (USA) 

Mecatronic Engineering :  Antonio Fernandes (PT)

Testing at sea : Steven Jouwerma (NL)

Web navigation integration : Phillipe Carrez (, Alain Dinis (

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