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Wolfram System Modeller

posted Jun 5, 2012, 5:12 PM by Cesar Harada
Hello dear all, 
I just took a look at the new Wolfram System Modeller and I was positively surprised by the interface and how it operates. 
Many of us are engineers and this seems to provide a very practical way of drafting out research or making simple simulations. 

It definitely has components for the maritime industry : 

As well as aeronautical components (useful for sail design) :
It does also have some 3D Modelling engine, perhaps it is not optimised for mechanical engineering and animated renders / crash test, but it can produce this kind of render (check the video in the page) :
So, I am not sure yet if we should integrate such tool into our workflow, but it is definitely interesting when you see how it is capable of modelling fuel consumption from the system design of car :
If you want to know more, I recommend to watch the 20 minutes introduction video in which they build a kettle (to boil water) : neat 
For those who love Mathematica (and for the MATLAB Fans - here's what people who use both say) - System Modeller claims to be perfectly communicating with Mathematica. 
For the students, Wolfram System Modeller can be downloaded from the website and the license is worth 60 GBP - decent price for such piece of software. 

Stay tuned!