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Welcome to Daniele Longoni

posted Jun 22, 2011, 8:15 AM by Cesar Harada
Dear All, please warmly welcome Daniele Longoni, Yacht designer who will be giving us feedback along  the way. 
Here are his first impressions : 


Daniele Longoni

  • Hi Cesar, I have here some initial impressions.
  • 1) Will the sailing drones assisted from any kind of supply vessel operating in an area not so far from them? Who will clean out the oil absorbing booms?
  • 2) I'd avoid inflatables, they easy lose their rigidity, not only cause holes, but even for temperature changings.
  • 3) Have you already an idea of the final dimensions of the drone?
  • 4) Difficult to believe that the articulated hull would be a really seawhorty and functional choice; for sure is the more fascinating on the side of design and art, and this would be one of your goals, isn't?
  • 5) Direction changing of sailing boats is also easily obtained in adjusting the position of the CE (geometrical centre of gravity of the sail): windsurfers do that, as you know. It works better than rudders when the speed fall down.
  • 6) I'd investigate towards an amphidrome hull, with symmetric bow and stern, long symmetric 
  • ballasted keel (something as a Colin Archer double ended rescue boat) with sloping ends to avoid floating ropes; no rudders; direction controlled by the CE position of two self-supporting, wing shaped, 360 degrees rotating and servo assisted masts. This configration would be capable of sudden stop and back out to avoid collisions.
I am answering the questions in the comments, feel free to join the conversation.
Thanks a lot for your time dear Daniele.