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Weedoo workboat to extract pollutants from varied water sources

posted Dec 9, 2010, 11:29 PM by Cesar Harada
Aditi Justa | Jun 19 2010, on


Eco Factor: A boat with special weed harvesting electric powered system.

It is excruciating to see our beautiful rivers, ponds and lakes drenched in aquatic waste. Be it oil spill, swamp or weeds, all of them pose immense threat to the environment and water life. All these problems are set to change with Greenboat Scientific’s Weedoo workboats. Tailored specifically to perform a vast range of waterway tasks, this green boat extracts aquatic weeds and other pollutants from water bodies.

The 10-foot Weedoo is capable of carrying payloads several times its weight, courtesy its lightweight fiberglass build and a wide body foam filled hull. Powered by rechargeable battery-driven propulsion system, this green boat can be easily maneuvered across shallow waters with fingertip joystick controls.