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Update #13: 1/3 of the summer is gone, 2/3 left to make it happen

posted Jul 6, 2011, 9:02 PM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Jul 6, 2011, 9:15 PM ]

Dear Backers!

Introducing Gabriella Levine

Updates from the Protei team in Rotterdam! Many good things happened in the last 10 days. Let me start this update by introducing the fantabulous Gabriella Levine from New York, who has been instrumental on the electronics and fabrication. 

As Gabriella Levine reminds us, Protei is being developed as and Open Hardware project, which means that ultimately the technology we are coming up with will be free to use, modify and distribute. The only 2 conditions are : 
1. Credit ""
2. Share with the community the improvements based on Protei technology. 

In legal terms, Protei documentation is  "licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License." The overall project falls under the description of Open Hardware.
Gabriella has submitted Protei to be presented at the Open hardware Summit in New York this September, we hope to take part in this great event :)

Protei visual identity open competition

We are also currently running a competition for the future Protei Logo!
Nadine F, working at both Jovoto and Open_Sailing is running the contest, deadline in 12 days! Submit your design ideas :
Please tell your graphic designer friends, register on Jovoto to feedback, help us choose the best visual indentity and soon the best design will be on all Protei merchandises (T-shirts, caps, printed materials etc). Crowd-sourcing, creating it together, it works! Thanks to each of the designers that are contributing to the Protei visual identity contest, you all rock!


We had an internal presentation of our research to the V2_ our producers. We presented the different generations of Protei and where the project is going. Above, you can see Kasia Molga explaining her real-time data visualisation system for Protei. Kasia Molga and Sey Min "Oil Compass" is now being shipped to Beijing Triennial at the Weather Tunnel (National Museum of Arts).

We simply aligned our prototypes in the chronological order and presented many small demos by subjects : mechanics, electric, electronic, admin....

Sent by DNV, we have now Francois de la Taste aka "Mr Oil", young french engineer that is focusing specifically on oil technologies, testing oil sorbents in particular.

Another close up :  Sebastian Neitsch. He made a simulation of Protei hull on vvvv that also includes a home-made wind sensor, very nice construction.

As we speak, Protei next prototype is making good progress. Here in the hands of Sebastian Muellauer - with his evil look. He's not always like this :D.

Sailing & Testing

Super exciting : SAILING !!!
We have now a formal agreement of sponsorship with the great sailing club DeKaag ( on the Kaag Island. The people over there are fantastic, the water space big enough to test our prototype, small enough to be super safe. That means that every saturday  onwards we are going to be
1 - testing our prototypes under the Kaag Staff supervision
2 - Have sailing classes for Protei Staff (YAY)
3 - Have feedback session with De Kaag Watrsport academy staff, to brainstorm with us on Protei.

We are doing our first test of traction with the boom and it is all looking good. 

And now...

Not to be forgotten, we had the visit on a giant inflatable rubber duck !

Credits to who is being so helpful at every steps of the process. Thank you so much dear Florentijn!!!

Next update, we hope to show you the 1/2 prototype in action in the water! YES!!! Stay tuned! Thanks for your support again!