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Towards a manned Protei, inspired by sailing canoe construction

posted Nov 21, 2011, 2:37 PM by Cesar Harada
I was looking at small pedal-controlled sailing boat and came across some rather seductive canoes that I would like to save here, some images, for the record and inspiration. 
First it is to say that sailing canoes : it is not a new thing. 

1800's design. 

In more recent developments using simply a windsurf sail makes great sense : 

And still googling for sailing canoes, I keep finding pearls : 

Rushton sailing canoe, Torpedo. Looks exactly like an Old Town touring canoe, right?
Here's the page that was taken from.

These are all very narrow hulled sailing boats in fact. The outriggers were invented to stabilise them, but instead we are using a heavy weight at the bottom and we curve the hull to increase stability in turns. 

I am glad to introduce you to the Nautilus Sailing canoe. Beautiful. 

Another contemporary super narrow hull

And some wilder developments :

and something cute for the end, but that we be inspired by : if our technology is very new, it might be a good idea to reveal it like this, simple and transparent. The effect would be even stronger. Not to mention that it would make maintenance so much easier and open to many other applications.