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20111205 General Meeting Summary

posted Dec 5, 2011, 8:44 AM by Piem Wirtz   [ updated Dec 5, 2011, 8:13 PM by Cesar Harada ]
present: Cesar, Alvaro, Piem (notes), Gabriella, Etienne

Team Updates


  • Is making good progress on the business plan and potential partnerships
  • Is ordering some parts for Protei 1m RC. Hopefully Proto + documentation ready by February.
Results from his trip to the US and Mexico:
  1. UABC (university Autonoma de Baja California) are very interested to work with us: Possible collaboration on research.
  2. SCRIPPS, San Diego:  the oldest ocean institute in the western world. They would buy Protei after serious testing
  3. Explorer Jean-Louis Etienne:  offered his help as official partner.
UABC needs a formal research package, which should contain:
  • a general outline of the research, motivation and potential.
  • a research question per package
  • a desired outcome, specifying a format (experiment / prototype / mathematical demonstration / technical drawings / 3D files)
  • a time line with deliverables, deadlines.
  • a proposed reporting and collaboration plan : when we will get together.
  • what kind of knowledge is produced
  • the place where the information will be published, the academic papers, websites etc
  • possibilities of further collaborations with for example the making of a full prototype in Ensenada, or having students from Ensenada to become Protei core team and develop the technology and fabricate prototype in larger gatherings.
  • The possibility of financial support towards fees of Undergrad, Postgrad and doctorate students (comparative table), that seemed very interesting to them.
Commitment > Etienne and Cesar will lead the writing of research packages to give to the University.


Trip to Brasil resulted in the following connections:
  • Telefonica woman who is also one of the cultura digital and rio 20 + organizers - wants to get protei as soon as possible to Campos (may/june)
  • Marine biologists - campos - interested in collaboration
  • communication department with Fed Uni - a woman who also in the organizing committee of Rio 20 + and want to get us here for June
  • data viz department in Fed Uni - they will be gathering data from Campos for us (for Protei and oil compass)
  • the father of the student from above department works as a safety engineer for petrobras - looked already at the protei and super interested
  • possible connection in the engineer department in fed uni


Alvaro will be in Macae near Campos from 14-12 to 23-12. Strategic visits possible. Check with Kasia for connections.


Protei got accepted to be presented in the MARIN seminar on Natural Propulsion. Piem will go there, Alvaro will try to be co-presenter, January 20th 2012.
Don't forget to subscribe (both presenters and visitors):

Commitment > Piem will prepare the presentation, based on Cesar's slides.


Gabriella has a show coming up, december 18th. She wants to have some scale prototypes that are articulated at each segment. She would also like to have a rough 1 m r/c version like _002. She also has some courses dec 18 and 27 with kids, building really simple boats.
The new 1m Protei_Gabriella series will be named Protei_007.


  • Sending a proposal to Stanford for a marketing project tonight
  • still working on other research proposals!
  • will have 2 days "free" per week from early 2012, so that I should have around 8h per week to dedicate to Protei
  • had some items he wanted to discuss, after exchanging with Seb M, Zenon and Cesar

Open questions

  • We need to have heads of subgroups to hold weekly sessions (still unanswered)
  • how do we nurture and take care of our open hardware community? how do we include new people? how do we jump start new (geographic) groups of people researching Protei?
answer: provide a starter-kit like an Instructable on 'how to build a 1m Protei'. Gabby and Cesar will document their work on the 1m protos (_007 and _002) and transform it into instructions to build a 1m RC boat, with our current solutions for: articulation, sail, mounting of equipment, water tightening,…