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Sexy GPS GSM Boards

posted Sep 1, 2012, 11:43 PM by Cesar Harada

  • WCDMA and HSPA 3G networks compatibility
  • Internal GPS for Assisted A-GPS and Supported S-GPS modes
  • Video Camera (640x480) for video and photo recordings available
  • Audio Kit including microphone, speaker, hands free and headphones available
  • SD file system up to 32GB
  • Works as a standard 3G modem in Linux/Windows/MacOS (~7.2Mbps download, ~5.5Mbps upload)
  • Talk directly to web servers by HTTP/HTTPS (secure)
  • Upload and download files directly by FTP/FTPS (secure)
  • Send and receive mails by POP3/SMTP
  • Play compressed audio files

149 Euros /  190 USD
  • Sierra Wireless WISMO228 GSM-GPRS module: 
  • Quad band (850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz frequency bands)
  • Low power consumption: 
  • 50uA in off mode
  • 1.22mA in idle mode
  • Embedded TCP/IP stack
  • On-board RTC (2.5uA operating current)
  • Globalsat EB-3531 GPS module: 
  • SIRF-III chipset
  • 20 channels
  • Tracking sensitivity -159 dBm
  • 1s hot start
  • Micro SD & SIM card combo slot
  • Step down switching regulator: 
  • 3.6V 2A
  • Up to maximum 36V input voltage (limit depends on Arduino VIN)
  • Able to operate directly with Li-Ion battery
  • Coin cell CR1220 battery backup for EB-3531 GPS hot start
  • Coin cell CR1220 battery backup for WISMO228 RTC
  • Flexible UART lines selection for WISMO228 through DP3T slide switch:
  • Interface directly with PC (bypass ATMega chip from Arduino board) - useful when you want to try out the AT command directly
  • Hardware UART on D0 & D1
  • Software UART on D2 & D3 or D5 & D6.
  • On and off control of WISMO228: 
  • Software control through pin A1 or SPNO tact switch
  • On and off control of EB-3531: 
  • Software control through pin D9 or Permanently on
  • RI (ring indicator) line on WISMO228 (selectable through jumper to pin D2) to provide new SMS indication and incoming call (you don't have to worry about polling for new SMS or having a big buffer when multiple new SMS is in storage
  • PPS (pulse per second) line on EB-3531 (selectable through jumper to pin D3) to provide accurate 1s timing which is useful for situation where time based task execution is required
  • GSM activity indication LED - You know when your GSM-GPRS is alive & kicking
  • GPS status indication LED - GPS fix indication
  • Voltage translation between Arduino board and shield
  • Works with both 5V and 3.3V Arduino boards
  • ESD and transient protection on SIM card
  • Edge SMA connector for both GSM-GPRS module and GPS module
  • 2dBi GSM antenna (included)
  • Active patch GPS antenna with 3m cable (included)
  • Arduino reset tact switch
135 Euros / 170 USD