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Sailing and Oil Boom Testing!

posted Jul 4, 2011, 2:44 AM by Roberto Melendez
The Protei team went to an awesome field trip this weekend to the island of Kaag. The sailing club that sponsors us lent us two "valks", 6.5m sailboats and we took them out for an awesome day of sailing! The day was perfect! It was sunny and windy!

After enjoying sailing just for fun, we got serious and got to work! We attached oil booms to the stern of our boats and did some qualitative testing on dragging the booms around. We also attached a spring scale to monitor the drag the booms create. The peak value was 16 kg (156 N). However the problem with the test was that the booms were mostly out of the water, so there was not much surface area to create drag. We will be ballasting the booms in the future. The booms also got dirty and soaked in water (easily drained though) and one of the also got damaged when Sebastian M. crashed into it with his bow (yay! German creativity! jajaja I'm kidding roomie). Cesar also did some body surfing off the stern of protei.

Here are some pictures of that day!