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Sailbot update

posted May 20, 2011, 7:01 AM by Cesar Harada
This is about a competition of autonomous sailing robots that will attempt to cross the Atlantic. It is the class of drones which has the closest specification with Protei, therefore we should really pay attention to the design of the ship, the electronic components they are using etc.

Here is a text description of each competing boat in pdf :
You really want to have a look at this document, also attached at the bottom.

A few of them use the  "Atmel Atmega 1280 Arduino board", the "Arduino Mega2560 microcontroller", "Rabbit 3000 microprocessor" and much more details are given on the components of the project.

Thanks to Stephen Ditmore for your help and sharing documents.

Hi SailBot Fans,

With just a month left until SailBot 2011 here are the final details. For those not participating, we hope you will be able to visit and watch!

We have five teams with six boats signed up! The competitors are:
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Queens University of Kingston, Ontario
Royal Military College of Canada
The University of British Columbia
USNA (2 boats - 1 fast, 1 slow)

All six boats are in the SailBot Class. No Open Class boats were entered so no handicaps will be needed. The design summaries are attached and indicate a variety of boat design details.

We have a new website, courtesy of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers! It is a permanent website and can be used for future SailBot events at no charge. It is located at:
It has all the event documents and quite a bit more!

All events, unless noted, will be at the Robert Crown Sailing Center at the Naval Academy. A map is attached.

The current schedule (which is unchanged from the draft version) is:
•Sunday June 12
Optional pre-event practice. (1000-1700) Teams may set up at the Naval Academy and practice.
(1800-2200) Informal BBQ at the Miller’s for all competitors. BYOBS (bring your own bug spray). Our address is 134 Groh Lane, Annapolis. Let me know if you would like directions!

•Monday June 13
Registration (0900-1000)
Measurement (0900-1100)
Fleet race(s) (1400-1700)

•Tuesday June 14
Station Keeping (1000-1200)
Navigation contest (1400-1700)

•Wed June 15
Presentations (1000-1200)
Make up events as needed* (1400-1700)
Sailing / watching local sailboat races: Competitors and family members are encouraged to purchase tickets for a 6-8 PM cruise on the Woodwind Schooners.

* The "make-up" period is intended primarily for events that were not completed due to unacceptable weather conditions. It may also be used, if time permits, to allow teams a chance to complete or improve on their scores in the Station Keeping or Navigation events.

•Thursday June 16
Long Distance Race (1000-1600)
6 PM – Awards Dinner and Ceremony at the Fleet Reserve Club

Attached are the forms(in pdf and doc) for the cruise and banquet. Please feel encouraged to sign up! The schooner ride almost always includes good sailing and if we get 18 to preregister in the next two weeks we can reserve the boat. The boat does not serve dinner, so we will either stay at Pusser's afterwards or head in to town. You can use the website, or contact Alana or mail her the form!  US or Canadian dollars are OK.

Security Issues: It is hard to predict what the future will hold, but currently USNA is operating with a heightened security situation. I will request visitor car passes for the participants. To do so I will need:
Name (as on your driver's license) -
Vehicle make, model, color and tag (with state/prov) -
I will need those by Monday June 6. I will meet each team to give them their passes. My cell phone number is on the map.

I can also provide a letter for the US Border Patrol/Customs/Immigaration that might help in getting the Canadian boats across. Just let me know where you would like me to send it. I will mail those on Wednesday June 1st.

Housing: Please contact our Housing Coordinator, Joan Morin, directly to confirm where you will be staying if you are looking for no-cost, hosted housing. Her e-mail is: Some of the homes include pets, so let her know of any constraints.

We are very excited to host this event and look forward to a great week!

All the best,
Paul Miller
Cesar Harada,
May 20, 2011, 7:19 AM