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Protei team QB general meeting notes

posted Jul 7, 2011, 9:22 AM by Gabriella Levine

We had a very productive meeting, about
using the QB as a framework
and crucial decisions for the next few days

Here are a few notes, see the attachment for full document and the meeting minutes

-We will have to provide different levels of complexity - basic design principles, blu prints, source code etc.
→ three tiers: basic system overview, user guide / technical drawings, raw source code (with comments) and mech guide

what is protei, how to use it
how to build protei
how we designed it and how you can do the same

what’s achievable, what’s required from this summer’s work?

flexbile hull
steerablewhile towing somethingfront rudder
optimizedfor sailing upwind
stableself righting, unsinkable
ballasted keellower center of gravity or longer ?
scale$$ is limiting5.8 m, 5.3m?
Sail area (4.5 m windsurf mast)also need bigger motorsconnect mast to ballast, two mast by feet?
sea worthy robust, dealing with bad conditions (rugged / robust
tow capableadaptable to varied loads, vary the power - optimal speed based on load
autonomy / control*-state of articulation
-sensor on board
**see below
Practical Power sources
batteries, maybe play around with solar ***

standards of performance
handling it
maintenance /routine

part of manual  / output documentation
basic overview, operation
know how to build, fix, how to replace
again, 3 tiers: (how to use, how to repair, how to build)
Gabriella Levine,
Jul 7, 2011, 9:24 AM