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Protei in the New Scientist !

posted Jun 3, 2011, 5:02 PM by Cesar Harada

Repost from our Kickstarter blog

Update #9: Protei in the New Scientist

I heard through a friend of mine that Protei is in the New Scientist new issue!
Well done V2_ Piem Wirtz for giving this interview, I am so proud when the Protei team members gets under the spots, well deserved exposure! Also we must credit our dear Hunter Daniel that is half naked in a scientific publication! :D On the picture you can see Protei003 that was built thanks to the support of Suzette Toledano and the LA Bucket Brigade, tested in the Pontchartrain Lake in New Orleans, near the BP Oil Spill.

The New Scientist is an interesting magazine that really links the scientific community and the world in a modern, serious yet quirky way. Special thanks to Jacob Aron for writing this insightful article and associating our names with a couple of other great projects.

Link to full size article image. Thanks to Matt Jones for the picture and the tweets. 

Also on-line, on the website : 

Link to full-size screenshot.

The original article can be found here :

Short link :

The other great projects Jacob Aron mentions are :
- The Pinta by  Sauze and Neal (UK). 
Roboat by Roland Stelzer (Austria).

We made an extensive blog post of the recent sailing robot projects on our website if you are eager to know about this small world on the big ocean. 

Thank you New Scientist!