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Protei GM 8/8/2011 Notes

posted Aug 8, 2011, 8:45 AM by Roberto Melendez

Attending: Francois, Peter, Gabriella, Logan, Roberto, Toni, Fiona, Cesar, Etienne, Gonzalo, Piem, Amorphica (Julia), Qiuyang

-final week for testing (ohhh snap!)

-Alternative for linear actuators by tuesday night if the current ones fail

-delay on saturday so no water yet

-put in water this week, (wednesday probably)

-testing procedure, Etienne started writing it (will be completed soon)

-A hull resistance measurements, tow the hull with a motor boat and measure resistance

-B is test the efficacy of the sail

-divide everything into modules, and make table

-combine theoretical results with VPP and compare as much as possible

-anemometer and spring scales needed

-this week all hands on deck, next week documentation (most) and two people precision test

-need a good way to measure resistance in a curved hull (tow in circles)

-use the angle of the motor boat rudder to estimate the curvature (…not going to work)

-Gonzalo: check maneuverability qualitatively, measuring will not say anything

- separate everything in steady and transient states for measurements purposes

- check all the critical failure modes: fire, heating, stalling of motors, stuff tearing (we can run bets on whats going to break first, roberto thinks keel is going to tear)

-oil booms, attach it to the boat, see how it looks like (follow snake pattern?)

-use aerial camera? (not!)

-regatta (we can make races around buoys and time everything)

-GPS we have two options, smartphone or logging board (Gabby is taking care of this)

-hull resistance, tow it from the side to avoid wake

-Etienne might be back in august to play the trumpet and clean the test tube he tampered with

-fiona is a naval architect and will help on testing planning and execution (welcome Fiona!)

-Julia has been waiting to see prototype to model it, Cesar will send her drawings, and julia will send 3d models we can  navigate

-roberto, Francois and fiona will make table for the evaluation for saturday

-Etienne has been putting the chinese factory together, still looking for a house mother in Norway (Francois and Roberto are candidates but no one wants them to take the job)

-We want to use the current prototype to adjust VPP and "validate" it