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Protei finds niche South of the Border

posted Aug 31, 2011, 4:18 PM by Gabriella Levine   [ updated Sep 4, 2011, 12:42 PM ]
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Protei team decided to adopt limor fried's 7-layer burrito of what open_source electronic hardware really means (see the slideshow below for a deeper understanding).  The team might even use this model as a reformatted version of their soon-to-be released "Protei Handbook", as well as a structure for their website.  This 7-layer structure seems to encompass a lot of what open_sailing and Protei's mechanical and electrical design are really about...

The seven layers of the burrito are as follows:

Hardware / Mechanical Diagram
Schematics & Circuit diagreams
Parts List / bill of materials
Layout diagrams
Core / Firmware
Software / API

Just a final word on open_hardware: 
I read this on Mike Kuniavsky's blog from his talk at last year's open_hardware summit. I found it relevant to Protei's current position:

Openness is a strategy for long-term technological influence, and perhaps profit, but it carries with it both short term and long term costs that have to calculated as part of a business model.

So, we have no marketable product today, but perhaps the business model that we are developing has some potential benefits and could provide a true model for an open-source technological venture.