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Protei controlled via Android - via a web browser? Why not, said Electropig.

posted Aug 8, 2011, 1:11 PM by Cesar Harada 

by Nick Marshall

Categories: Gadgets News   Tags: Android, Arduino, DIY, HTC Desire, Nexus One, robot tank

Prepare yourself for the future of Android-powered combat. Pictured to the right you’ll see the world’s first robot tank powered by an Android smartphone. According to the gadget’s creator, Tamlyn, all you need is an Android smartphone and an IOIO board which connects the phone to the tank via USB.

As of late the craze in home-brewed gadgetry has been Arduino. Rather than following this route Tamlyn went with an IOIO board for several reasons: pure Java API, USB built-in, cheaper and more IO pins than necessary. If you’re the current owner of a Nexus One or HTC Desire, the DIY Android powered tank reportedly works perfectly — success with other Android smartphones may vary.

Ready to see the BB-gun equipped robot tank in action? Have at it. If you’re ready to build your own robot tank then hit the link below for the complete step-by-step tutorial compliments of Tamlyn.

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