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Protei 5.1 [Alien] by Rotterdam Bridge!

posted Apr 7, 2011, 2:08 AM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Apr 7, 2011, 2:12 AM ]

A week ago, we floated Protei 5.1 in Rotterdam by the famous bridge !!!

Protei 5.1 by Rotterdam bridge

We gave a nickname to this yet undocumented version : Protei 5.1 "Alien" after we took this picture :
Protei 5.1 [Alien]

Protei 5.1 is mostly transparent body, so we can things move inside. 

Protei 5.1, Rotterdam NL DSC_0279DSC_0395

Protei 5.1 is the baby of Piem Wirtz, Etienne Gernez, Henrik Rudstrom and Cesar Harada, all built for about $150 at the V2_  in Rotterdam, NL.

Protei 5.1 control box top detail DSC_0359

Protei 5.1 wasn't a truly functionnal prototype, but enabled us to :

  • - Combine Inflatable AND articulated hull (Protei 002 + 003).
  • - Test new Materials.
  • - Enhance a more compact version of the command box with suspended servos.
  • - Enhance the transmission cable path.
  • - Give a preview to the $400 backer of the type of Protei they will get.
  • It was great fun, we learnt a lot again but overall Protei 5.1 will be very useful for the whole Protei team coming this summer in Rotterdam to build the full-scale Prototype.

    If you want to stay updated with the progress of Protei, we recommend you to join the Open_Sailing Facebook group:) 

    Just as a reminder : there is only 5 days left to back Protei on Kickstarter. Thanks!