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Protei_007 _008 _009!!! Keep it coming!

posted Feb 10, 2012, 4:24 PM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Feb 10, 2012, 4:25 PM ]
This has a been an incredible productive week!
In less than 3 days, 3 prototypes documentations have been produced in 3 different countries!!!

Protei_007 by Gabriella Levine in New York 

20120211 Protei007

In only a few days, Gabby's prototype's has got more than 3000 views and positive feedback, how exciting!

Protei_008 by Cesar Harada in London 

20120211 Protei008 

Cesar's prototype made in London is now heading to Madrid to be exhibited at the ARCO in Madrid Spain, thanks to Sebastian Muellauer and Toni Nottebohm. 

Protei_009 by students TU Eindhoven (Netherlnads)  

20120211 Protei009

In just a day, dutch students from TU Eindhoven already produced a working draft prototype! Hackathon spirit! Thinking by prototyping, YES !!!!
Keep going and Welcome to Protei!