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Procedural VS Experimental

posted May 13, 2012, 6:02 AM by Cesar Harada
Cool video that explains nicely a neat Procedural robot engineering process. 

YouTube Video

I think this is a great video that shows the "old way" that is very controlled and wont lead to greater discovery - but rather to optimisation of already well-known system. That works great for school kids so the professor stays in control and can predict all that is going to happen. 

What we are doing at Protei could be called "iterative design", which is "thinking by prototype", which is "cheap, fast and out of control" and that can lead to discovery, fast versioning, fast failing and faster success too. Developing technology as an evolutionnary process where adaptation and real-life experience provide the most effective feedback and "natural selection". 
This approach has been advocated by the world best roboticists and should continue to inspire us. 

Please read the historical "Cheap, fast and out of Control : a robot invasion of the solar system" by Rodney Brooks & Anita M FLynn

YouTube Video

You can see how this fits into the entrepreneur spirit of today with even much more humble technology :

YouTube Video