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Organisational Structure of Protei as a start-up

posted Jan 8, 2012, 1:31 AM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Jan 8, 2012, 2:17 AM ]
We are on the verge of organising Protei into a company + Non Profit. 
It is an absolute requirement to access funding to have an operational structure and a chain of command to meet deadlines. 
Still, we do not want to compromise our Open Hardware collaborative way of working. 
Also I did a organisation chart that can be read in two ways.


Why showing two different structures ? Because there is a way the potential investors need to understand our company - and there is the way we actually work day to day. I want to make clear that we will continue working in a distributed and flexible way, yet we need to be a lot more operational and productive and that implies changing our decision-making modalities too. 

Inspirational article : 
Which makes a sad demonstration that it is very difficult to keep such structure alive... Also motivating the necessity to have a chain of command and somehow some regulatory and immune system. 

I would have been happy to use better means to collectively manage Protei's development, but BetterMeans as a company is now dead. So we can workaround and use BASECAMP in a similar way. 

Now, I need to know
> Who is committed to Protei?
> How many hours per week?
> For what work? 

If we do not commit, neither can our partners, neither can our customer or our community. if we do not commit, nothing gets done.
What is the human potential to generate this technology and maximize our positive environmental and social impact?
Raise your hand.

Here is a Table that will tell us who we can insert in that organisation structure. 

Protei personel potential

If you can only commit a few hours a week, that is fine, tell the truth, we need to know where we are going and how we are going to get there? Of course, economics : when we 'll get funded we'll distribute the revenue based the amount of work produced (time tracking and value of the work produced) and meritocracy