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Open Hardware Love!

posted Jan 26, 2012, 12:02 PM by Cesar Harada

I just did a presentation about Open Hardware at Goldsmiths University, Design & Environment Department and I thought it might interest some people. The presentation above is downloadable, embeddable if you feel like sharing it too :)

Opening Hardware Toy Mouse 
This is a electronic toy mouse we took apart during the workshop at Goldsmiths. Stop Animal Testing !!! 

And for those who do not understand, or who do not believe it is actually a smart financial idea to work Open hardware, well, please have a look at this video. Phillip and Limor did a great job with 20 slides and 5 minutes (Ignite style). Their original post is here. Their slides are here. With Phillip's permission, here's the list of OSHW companies in text form: Approaching 1M in annual revenue:
Over 1M in annual revenue: Over 10M in annual revenue: Whoa! This is a great list of amazing companies. If you have not heard of them all, do check them out. We're all helping to increase the size of this market. I'm not even sure the name of this market niche. Call it creators, inventors, constructors, makers, builders, you name it, we're all having a pretty fun time doing it. This is a list of fairly open companies (OSHW was the basis for the presentation). This is not a complete list. There are tons of little and not  so little companies that are doing amazing work (maybe a bit more closed). If there's a company or site that you really like, feel free to share. fooeastignite2010

The pdf of the presentation of Limor and Philip is available as pdf below. 
Cesar Harada,
Jan 26, 2012, 12:02 PM