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Naval Architecture in Protei - meeting with Gonzalo Tampier

posted Jun 14, 2011, 9:00 AM by Roberto Melendez
Today I had the pleasure of talking to Gonzalo Tampier, a naval architect in Chile. This is the summary from the meeting.

1- Design the boat firstly from a "steady state" point of view, i.e. design a good hull/sail/keel combination assuming a rigid hull, thus curvature becomes a secondary design concern. 

The results of this is that  Gonzalo and myself (Roberto) will be working together in the next couple of weeks to design an appropriate hull/keel/sail combination for our purpose (towing an oil boom) so we can have a final design for when we build the final prototype.

2- We talked about the nature of resistance in boats (wave, friction etc) take a look at my previous post for a good intro to naval architecture.

3- We will be sending hull shapes (or main dimensions) so that Gonzalo and his student Javier can analyze them using VPP (velocity prediction program probably using DXF files that can be read by both solidworks and rhino.

It was a very productive meeting and we have another one tomorrow so keep tuned!