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Minutes of Math model meeting 20110513

posted May 15, 2011, 6:12 AM by Etienne Gernez

Math model meeting 20110513





1. News from Qiuyang:

Qiuyang tried the VPP Boatarchitect from Gerard de Roy:

lots of inputs to define

documentation uncomplete

how are the calculations made/ black box

--> we drop it!

Qiuyang found another white box VPP

-->That´s more the kind of VPP we like.

2. News from Gonzalo

" I have made a little of research about oil skimming/absorbing. There is a lot of material out there... but I'm getting convinced that towing the boom from just one end will not be as effective as towing it, e.g., from both ends with 2 proteis. Not a single publivcation/article/explaination in the net shows oil absortion in the intended way. I'm sure that it works, but I have big doubts about its effectiveness compared to U- or J-towing."

See the three documents attached in the Oil boom page.

3. News from Etienne: 

A. simplified VPP: add 2 tonnes to the ship resistance: that´s the pulling capacity objective

B. from this, plot:

*the sail force as a function of sail area in 1 wind condition (side wind: we don´t need a polar!)

*the power requirement to pull the ship+ the load at 1 knot as a function of ship length

C. added resistance in wave: add 500kg to the resistance

This enables a first calculation of the main dimensions of Protei.

Need to correct the Lift and Drag coefficients used for the calculation.

4. Commitments

Etienne: continue working on simplified VPP

Qiuyang: continue researching VPPs

Gonzalo: work on student project proposal: boom measurements / detailed VPP?