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Minutes of GM20120514

posted May 14, 2012, 9:47 AM by Etienne Gernez
Attending: Cesar, Ru, Etienne + short guest appearance by Piem, Peter & Seb M.

1. updates from Norway
2. education and research
3. coming events

1. Updates from Norway
1.1 Etienne making good progress on the ITHET conference paper. Please send individual contributions by next Protei GM20120521.
1.2 Transplanting wave kinetic sculpture with Kasia, Gabby, Seb M at the Sunshine Factory to happen right after Transnatural festival in Rotterdam, i.e starting on 6th of October. Budget and funding in progress. 
Input from Cesar: 
In discussion: 
-presentation of Transplanting Waves at TEKs in Trondheim (27th September - 28th October): Etienne to talk to organizers.
-include the beautiful 100 years old Oak tree outside the Sunshine Factory in the kinetic sculpture! Boats hanging down from trees!
--> to be continued at next GM.

2. Education
2.1 Ru offering to present Protei to the national curriculum called Project Wet, for which she is part of a national task force to expand the curriculum to incorporate technology. Ru generally interested in bringing Protei to schools. --> specific meeting needed, tentative time friday 25th of May 4pm Oslo time.
2.2 Etienne confirming objective to present the Protei Research Packages (defining the specific needs for research and our ideas and status of experimentation) in September. Possible launching events: TEDxWhoodsHole and TEDxKyoto (tbc). Another event in Europe needed, Etienne suggest to talk to DNV about that in Norway. The Protei Research Packages could be the basis for an academic crowdfunding campaign based on Kickstarter academic´s equivalents, as presented in the Nature article featuring Protei:

3. Coming events:
3.1 DEAF in Rotterdam = Protei gathering! Piem, Seb M, Cesar and TU/e Eindhoven students meeting for a week of passionate discussions! First meeting is on the 16th at 1000 at HR and then V2_ .
3.2 Peter confirming presence in Rotterdam on the 4th of June for the Plastic collection initiative started in Holland and monitored by Piem.
3.3 The 5th International Robotic Sailing Conference (IRSC) will take place on Wednesday the 19th of September 2012 at the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club. It will take place during the World Robotic Sailing Championships which are taking place between Monday 17th and Friday 21st of September 2012. The Championships are a series of races and competitions between robotic sailing boats, for more information see

The IRSC welcomes paper submissions on a wide range of topics around autonomous sailing, including (but not limited to):
actuators for autonomous sailing
applications of autonomous sailing boats
collision avoidance and boat to boat communication
control architectures and algorithms
energy and power management
hardware and software organisation
legal issues for autonomous vessels
machine learning and adaptation
boat design and advanced materials
robotic boats in teaching
route planning and optimization
sensors for autonomous sailing

June 1st 2012 - Extended abstracts (no more than 2 pages) deadline.
June 22nd 2012 - Notification of acceptance.
July 13th 2012 - Submission of final papers.
August 2nd 2012 - (provisional) Registration Deadline.

Programme Committee
Colin Sauze, Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom
Alex Schlaefer, University of Lübeck, Germany
Ralf Bruder, University of Lübeck, Germany
Jose Carlos Alves - Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Nuno A. Cruz - Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Ole Blaurock, Lübeck University of Appplied Sciences, Germany
Benedita Malheiro, ISEP - IPP, Portugal
Paul Miller, USNA, United States of America
Roland Stelzer, INNOC, Austria
Jan Sliwka, ENSTA Bretagne, France
Luc Jalin, ENSTA Bretagne, France
Yves Briere, ISAE, France

>> Etienne: we should very much participate to this event, as this is the absolute best you can find in terms of robotic sailing. I personally do not have the capacity to write another paper for the 13th of July. But I can contact the organizers and see if we can make another kind of presentation, just maybe a workshop, posters, flyers...
Ru and Gabby offering their help.
Etienne to contact organizers to see the different options.

====================end of meeting. Next GM is 20120521 - 4pm Oslo time. ============================