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liquid robotics' Wave Glider

posted Sep 11, 2011, 10:18 AM by Gabriella Levine   [ updated Sep 30, 2011, 3:27 AM by Unknown user ]
"Liquid Robotics’ patented Wave Glider unmanned maritime vehicle* (UMV), which uses waves to propel itself, provides a new way to achieve this understanding."

"Initial customer deliveries of the Wave Glider unmanned maritime vehicle (UMV) took place in 2008. To date, Wave Gliders have logged well over 100,000 miles of operations.

By continuously harvesting energy from the environment, Wave Gliders are able to travel long distances, hold station, and monitor vast areas without ever needing to refuel. A unique two-part architecture and wing system directly converts wave motion into thrust, and solar panels provide electricity for sensor payloads. This means that Wave Gliders can travel to a distant area, collect data, and return for maintenance without ever requiring a ship to leave port.

The Wave Glider is a configurable platform designed to support a wide variety of sensor payloads. It can keep station or travel from point to point. Data is transmitted to shore via satellite, and the continuous surface presence means that data can be delivered as it is collected. Payloads can be installed by customers or integrated by Liquid Robotics."