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Kon-tiki and dominant winds

posted Oct 2, 2012, 4:41 PM by Cesar Harada
Today, after a long day of work with the Open-H2O /  Protei team, after diner we watched the famous documentary about the Kon-tiki. 

It was a great delight to watch this film together. 
In our meetings, Peter Keen has mentioned that in order to prove the capacity of our technology, we should be aiming at big challenges, such as spending a lot of time in the ocean if not crossing one. I agree. After thinking a little bit more about this, and the Kon-tiki demonstrating that a rudimentary sailing raft mainly drifting and going down the wind could cover an average of 130 km / day (best day) - it came to my mind that a very robust little boat might be able to achieve great distances too, without being complex. 
Consequently, I made a quick search of dominant winds : 

And their intensities :

What this tells me is that  a rudimentary and extremely robust sailing robot could make use of dominant winds and currents at the appropriate season and location to establish a real endurance performance. I think we should do that with Protei at some point.