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Kickstarter update : End of summer 2012 progress report

posted Sep 28, 2012, 6:26 PM by Cesar Harada

We're coming back to you with a bag of big news about Protei and the progress of the Protei team. 

Protei at Techshop San Francisco, Summer 2012. Mad scientist look ∑8D !

Most of this summer 2012, Gabriella Levine and myself -Cesar Harada- have been working hard on optimising Protei_010 for manufacturing from TechShop San Francisco, thanks to the support of and Etienne Gernez. We have a good design and  a manufacturing process that provides quality consistency, that's affordable and easily scalable. We need more testing, and we don't have yet the material that we are fully satisfied with, but it will come. The next generation of prototype is to be ready for manufacturing, preparing to make the first public batch of beta Protei in the next few months! Of course you would be the first to receive it! Why we are not showing you (or anyone) the most recent designs? You may have heard about the controversy around the new Makerbot Replicator 2 not being Open Source ; because of the threat of a cheaper chinese copycat - well - we want to avoid that, so we are preparing our machine and we'll release everything (design, CAD, specs, code...) open source "at the right time" : when we release the product. We have quite some overhead cost to set up manufacturing so we cannot afford the risk of someone manufacturing before we do :)

Protei wins Savannah Ocean Exchange.

Last week, Protei won the prestigious "Gulfstream Navigator Award" from Worldwide Sponsors Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) - Gabriella Levine represented Protei at the Savannah Ocean Exchange in Georgia thanks to Shah Selbe. That means $100,000. And this explains why the paragraph above is so positive and why we are so compelled to bring Protei to production, to your home, to the ocean! 

Finally setting up as a non-profit (Open-H2O) + Company (Protei)

With the prize, we are finally able to afford to register ourselves as a non-profit (Open-H2O - former Open_Sailing) and as a corporation (Protei Inc). In a few days, Oct 1, 2 and 3, most of the core team members are meeting in Oslo Norway to define how we are going to bring Protei to you. 

The diagram above explains the relationship between the non-profit and the profit entity.

Unreasonable at Sea

And last huge news, Protei is getting ready to do a world tour !!!

From January to April 2013, Gabriella Levine and myself will embark on a great adventure "Unreasonable at seaaround the world. It is a 4 months elite business incubator at sea where we will perfect an innovative strategy for Protei and Open-H2O with world-class mentors while making environmental measurements of plastic, radioactivity and other environmental pollutions around the Pacific, China Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, South Atlantic, North Atlantic and Mediterranean. We will try to blog abundantly during that time and are hoping to set up demos in every single port we dock. What could be more exciting?

We have many Protei events, exhibitions and talks around the world for Protei nowadays : PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam (NL), Las Vegas (US) last week with Julia Cerrud ; Monterrey yesterday at the BLUE film Festival with Ru Mahoney ; Open Hardware Summit in New York we had a poster with Roberto Melendez, Logan P Williams, Toni Nottebohm ; currently at the Amsterdam Museum of Science NEMO with Transnatural Festival thanks to Sebastian Muellauer and Kasia Molga, Metamorph Festival in Trondheim Norway this week end with Etienne Gernez ; TEDxParis and ENSCI next week and much more coming... Please check our website front page.

So, in a nutshell, this summer :

  • we made great progress on the design, getting ready for manufacturing, 
  • we won a big award that will help us manufacture,
  • we're getting more administratively organised
  • we're going around the world with Protei, study the ocean and  test our product in different environments. 

We're moving fast, never as fast as we wish, but we are definitely making good progress. We'll keep you posted, and thanks again for your support !