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GM20120709 meeting minutes

posted Jul 11, 2012, 4:18 PM by Gabriella Levine   [ updated Jul 11, 2012, 4:21 PM ]
9/7/2012 14h00 Oslo time commenced

Attending: Gabriella, Etienne, Ru, Cesar, Kasia, Seb M.

1. SF Plans for the summer / milestones for boat (mechanical, hardware)

-logistical / planning for future & admin stuff

-funding opportunities

2. fall events

1. plans for the summer in san fran
milestones / goals:


1. helping cesar with whatever mechanical fabrication if there is.

2. electronics for Protei: develop a robust system for embedding sensors and collecting / logging data

3. develop system for other forms of communication rather than just r/c (gsm, xbee, etc) 4. develop some reproducible ways for video transmission, perhaps other forms of sensing for perhaps oil or something

5. figure out admin stuff with company, figure out funding etc

Wind sensors and other sensors
Sensor document to fill in
Arduino or other microcontroller: Beaglebone, ARM based processor board...?
DIY drones ardupilot is a good platform with GPS, gyro, accelerometer built in, but not much implementation for boats
-We will have to decide on a microcontroller  / CPU to move forward with - Arduino good for large user base but not as sophisticated and harder to interface with Android and eventually do more AI work

Sailing simulator, to test AI strategies?

Cesar: Summer goals:
1. prototype to high-performance product; manufacture it confidently
1m sailboat, upgraded to android+arduino control
2. legal+admin
3. open-h2o community website (with some external help)

also: documentation, set open hardware standard

Model on openROV
simple + cheap, open-source

Etienne: we need a design brief with basic sensors for navigation

1. basic option = nothing but servos
2. servos + arduino + if desired, the buyers put their own phone into it
3. space for underwater camera

->secure a super water tight spot for camera, electronics, like openROV; good spot to add sensors
-> focus on mobility and data transmission
So accessible to the community but upgradable:

Protei priorities as guidelines:
1- Environment: what is most relevant to environmental need/use
-protei 1m RC: kids+hobbyists, boat toy
-needs a space for an underwater camera
2. - People - what can be utilized by the most or right group of people (servos vs arduino)
3. Tech - what is essential for first product
4. Profit - what is attractive and enticing enough to earn some needed financial support for our group?

lightweight AIS receiver : 200 gr
not for first iteration / inimum package

2. Fall events: 

Kasia in touch with Espen from TEKS and Hicham from Transnatural
Seb - call back ARS
Etienne: TedxTrondheim 1st of november
Cesar: TedX woodshole might not happen this year, emailng with them

Aug 11 TEDxSeoul Aug 11th   TBC
Sept 17, 18 PICNIC Amsterdam TBC
Sept 2x TEDxWoodsHole       TBC
Oct 6th TEDxParis Confirmed
Nov 11th Wedding Niigata   Confirmed
Nov 12th TEDxRainer, Seattle TBC
Dec 2nd TEDxGateway (Mumbai)  TBC
March India Design Festival