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General Meeting 16/08/11

posted Aug 16, 2011, 3:07 AM by Gabriella Levine
Present: Etienne, Roberto, Francois, Peter, Cesar, Gabriella, Sebastian, Logan, Toni, 

Loading the boat: 

P--> Weigh the boat before and after 

Seb: build a crane

-Flooded battery and motor enclosures

-Water cooling tubes very well might have been the place of leak - we forgot to waterproof it well and it was only sealed with tape

-1 hour in water at 1.5 m deep yesterday, tubes inside remained dry

Motor stalling - 

New Motor: Same diameter, slightly larger length, more powerful so they will run faster, so more elec E--> mech E, not just into heat

stall frequently, because not powerful enough

so motor and gearbox remains the same; and linear actuator

Cesar working on the sail

Change foot, diameter not the same

HOW TO remove the sail for transportation, - how to rewire,  be able to unplug it …still needs to be waterproof

make our model better rather than remodel

build waterproof winch box

peli-case either too long or too small 

pelicase: holes in the side, for the electronics: Routing: depends

rigid tubes with joints, Y-to route one cable, for the xbee box…

how to ensure that the holes are watertight?Glue? 6 power cables, 

Solid tubing: one actuator, try to route the bowdin cables within the main tube

Electronics box - must waterproof that

Qiuyang, Seb, Logan improving the prototype

Others: Writing manual

Protei 6: documented what we have done, what are the conclusions and possible further steps: 

Each item: system description and tech drawings, system overview:

How to build, tools, materials, step by step etc.

Solve problems, next steps…

printed for the exhibition: manual, detailed info about everything: tech drawings, legal system, 

From the manual we can extract documents to magnify and pront larger for the exhibition - leaflets, handouts

Build a complex document  to extract more superficial info

Look at images: Main measurements, relevant measurements

main goal that other people can reproduce this

Present full system , global pictures, details of each piece…

P: FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS in a later section 

Solid works serials

Francois : polypro tests, table of comparisons between the two… Oil tests

Oil absorbent boom now for the pics / film


fix that map

Document we can produce

proposal : technology development plan / business plan

Arrival of etienne 

clear out of the house