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Future Protei community website

posted Dec 26, 2011, 8:29 AM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Jan 2, 2012, 9:38 AM by Kasia Molga ]
Since the end of the summer 2011 in Rotterdam, this current website has been regularly criticised for not being a good community resource. 
As the project is growing and more people want to join the team, it seems relevant to make our community platform evolve to be more open and also more secure. Something that would be a clear front-end gallery for buyers, press, as well as the most scalable back-end for our makers and developers. 
We need a community website that presents clearly the on-going events, versions of Protei, versions you can buy or contribute to (project management), that is a lively forum linked to Facebook, host the git directory for coding, some real-time data management too (oil compass/pachube) : a robust CMS for an elaborated Open Hardware project :)

Example of well-executed community websites : 

These are important design tools for us : 

And a shop, because soon we'll need to sell our things online.

And good display of the other crow funding platforms we are using

Nowadays, social media are also absolutely vital for the development of our community : 
All google services.

and in fact we need to integrate better team management tools in there. 

And newsletters and groups / subgroups management

And also accountancy and business development

So, which are the powerful, secure popular CMS that have a good modularity?
it seems, the race is really happening between these powerhouses :

Currently we are using google.sites which has been a stable, easy and simple CMS to admin for a small community. 
Imagine a large room, like a "hackspace" : somewhere you come to meet friends, brain-storm and nerd-in, where you can design and make the next generation of Protei :)

And a few more cool links here about the Google x Arduino yoyo! :

These are the tools we are interested in integrating so far - please comment, add on this. 


02.01.2012 - UPDATE! 

Hello everybody! 

We have been disussing initial ideas and here is a 2 slides presentation which is a very first attempt/ starting point in figuring out the best and logical interface for the website, with very few 3 to 4 main sections with subsections. Sections are based on the give/get/share concept. Subsections cross over to other sections so we need to implement a good category/tagging system to make sure all is clear. Personally I think it is a good idea to use a bit of color codying and few other tricks to make the user experience seamless. The website will be based on wordpress. But for now - on the 1st slide there are listed all desired sections and subsections we could think off and on the slide two I summerised some ideas/issues which came out today during the GM. Everybody is welcome to comment and add what they think would be good to have on the website.