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Communication for _010, simple R/C

posted Jul 26, 2012, 10:08 AM by Gabriella Levine   [ updated Jul 26, 2012, 1:49 PM ]
Thoughts on the r/c for _010 communication tx/rx

Cesar and I seem to be moving away from servo motors. The downside is that servo motors can be controlled by standard toy / hobby r/c radio tx/receiver pair, bought in any hobby shop, with matching crystals, hooked up to a servo motor receiver, like on Protei _008,_002.

I dont know that this would work with a DC motor , and definitely not a stepper motor. So, I propose the simplest Protei_010 be based on an rx / tx pair using 2 series 1 xbees ($20), 2 arduinos ($30), and the 2 x wireless sd card shield ($40). 

Something like this joystick + tx (analog input to arduino, serial out via xbee mounted on wireles shield) to rx (arduino + xbee shield + xbee) arduino pair, which I built this weekend, works pretty well. 

However, I'd like to find a better joystick that is more "plug and play". Perhaps the Arduino Tinkr kit shield ($10) is the way to go, which I think is sort of plug and play, but I haven't used it. We can get that and a Tinkr kit joystick ($14), and the shield + xbee. I will look into the Tinkr kit because I dont know about it too much, and the joystick seems a little dinky.

xbee series 1 wire antenna 1mW
1 wireless arduino shield
1 arduino uno
1 tinkrr shield
1 tinkr joystick