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Atlas Elektronik

posted Aug 12, 2012, 7:51 PM by Cesar Harada
This great German company has been making a great variety of underwater units for decades. We want to have them in our radar and learn from them. 

"Unmanned Underwater Vehicles und Hydrographic Services

The sea is a basis for trade amongst the continents; it holds vast reserves of raw materials and energy that we need to develop. With unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), sea routes can be secured and the resources offered by the sea can be utilized more effectively.

Thanks to our longstanding experience in the field of UUVs, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK now has one of the most well-rounded portfolios of underwater vehicles. With the aid of the latest technology, these units are used not only for mine countermeasures and operations in the coastal zone but also for numerous civilian applications. In addition to the SeaFox, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK also offers the SeaWolf, with a manoeuvrability especially suited to e.g. harbour protection, as well as the SeaOtter, which is able to carry a large range of payloads and meet various requirements, due to its modularity and size.Through their compact design, high mobility, stability and precise navigation, the UUVs from ATLAS ELEKTRONIK are ideal for the reconnaissance and inspection of ports, coasts, offshore installations, pipelines and other critical infrastructures. What is more, they will make a major contribution towards the future exploration of raw materials.

Long endurance and great versatility make them an indispensable support tool in exploring uncharted regions of the ocean. In addition, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has a broad palette of hydrographic products that have been a firm fixture in military and civilian research for many years. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s survey echosounders allow three-dimensional displays and accurate depth measurements, and are used for hydrographic services. In the area of offshore exploration, parametric sounders are able to provide precise information at great ocean depths."