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Applications: water quality monitoring

posted Feb 9, 2011, 9:56 PM by Etienne Gernez

Quote from MOBESENS project website:

" Management of water quality requires regular measurements and monitoring. Today, measurements of water quality are performed manually. The process can be slow and painstaking. Multiple point measurements are needed to cover an area. The process needs to be automated and extended to provide rapid and effective monitoring.Therefore: Autonomous, mobile and self-healing solutions are required to identify trends to localize and track potential problems and monitor the water wuality in defined area: coastal water, lakes ad rivers.

MOBESENS intends to provide a modular and scalable Integrated Communication Technology based solution for water quality monitoring. It will enable data to be gathered quickly and reported across wide areas. The low power wireless sensor network gathers data samples, which are time and location stamped and automatically entered into the grid based information system to facilitate analysis and issue alarms if needed. Mobility is a unique feature of MOBESENS, which is capable of navigation and perform both surface and subsurface measurements. This extends range, enables 3D area measurements and facilitates operation, even in bad weather. MOBESENS may form ad-hoc networks enabling rapid and reliable reporting as well as relative localization and tracking (e.g. of contaminants). Opportunistic communication between MOBESENS and both fixed and mobile buoys is envisioned. Renewable energy sources are studied for self-sustained MOBESENS operation. "

--> Another one of the many possible applications of an autonomous surface vehicle like Protei. 

*Renewable energy sources: they are using a Kayak for the moment! 

*Wireless sensor network: that´s the kind of network we need to operate a fleet isnt´it?

*Project partners: great people involved her, from Ifremer to Imperial College and EPFL (Switzerland) as well as the information technology manufacturers from Spain.

TO DO´s: 

1. I will contact the responsible from Ifremer to hear more about the project status and opportunities for us.

2. Add to the list of Ideas and Application. Done!