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posted Jan 15, 2011, 4:13 PM by Cesar Harada
Via Suzette Toledano Becker

Airborne Emergency Response to Oil Spills 
 : “AEROS” and “MOSS”

Differentiators :

  • Patented hydrocyclone oil/water separation
  • Rapid airborne response to oil spills
  • Large-volume oil spill containment and recovery
  • Robot-controlled, unmanned, satellite guidance
  • No comparable competitive system yet known

Prepared : November 20, 2010
Author : Myron Sullivan II, MBA, BSc (Eng), BComm (Econ)

This document is intended for GRG senior management for information and review only. This document shall not be considered a solicitation of financing nor an offering to sell securities to the public. Securities may only be sold in compliance with the securities laws and regulations of the jurisdiction corresponding to the residence of any accredited investor or investor group.

Global Response Group (“GRG”)

Environmental Technology | Investment Overview

Airborne Emergency Response to Oil Spills (AEROS)

( VANCOUVER) Global Response Group Corporation (“GRG”) is currently raising mezzanine financing of USD $25 million in equity capital to fund the commercialization of “AEROS” – Airborne Emergency Response to Oil Spills – the world’s first and only robotic, unmanned, aircraft-deployed, satellite-guided, oil spill emergency response, rapid containment and recovery system.


The patented AEROS System is considered to be a viable solution for large-scale marine oil spills such as the recent British Petroleum “Deep Horizon” disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. AEROS is the only known solution that would be effective for rapid containment and recovery of large-scale marine oil spills.

The reader can get a good overall impression of the competitive advantages and see how AEROS works in the following feature article about AEROS published in “POPULAR SCIENCE”, August 2010 issue, Pages 30-31. To see this article, click on the following link:

Mobile Oil/Water Separation System (MOSS) 
With this mezzanine funding, GRG will also commercialize a smaller version of AEROS known as the “Mobile Oil /Water Separation System (MOSS) . MOSS is engineered for installation on offshore oil rigs and crude oil tankers. MOSS can be immediately deployed by the oil rig or tanker crew the instant an oil spill begins to occur. MOSS is ideal for small and medium oil spills and MOSS will be backed-up by AEROS in the case of very large oil spill disasters. MOSS can also be installed on a truck or trailer for optimum mobility and versatility.

GRG is seeking USD $25M in private equity capital from a small group of investors in exchange for equity participation in the company. These investors will have preferential treatment over all other future investors to acquire additional equity, and will have the opportunity to nominate any qualified candidate to the Board of Directors.

Funds raised under this investment initiative will be used to:

  • Consolidate patents and other intellectual property of GRG
  • Recruit and hire key staff to supplement current management
  • Construct prototype AEROS and MOSS systems
  • Conduct full-scale, live oil spill recovery trials in late 2011 through early 2012
  • Provide working capital for management and marketing

Upon the successful completion and assessment of the trials, several large governments, regulatory agencies and corporations have expressed an interest in entering into contract agreements with GRG to build out the technology and to establish Emergency Response Bases globally. These agreements will validate GRG and position the company to seek public financing.

The Chinese National Petroleum Corporation "CNPC" has offered to enter into a joint venture with GRG to establish an initial GRG Emergency Response Base (“ERB”) on the Bohai Sea near the city of Tianjin. A Letter of Intent “LOI” has been received.

As soon as a contract is signed for the initial AEROS ERB with China (City of Tianjin + Chinese Central Government Ministries + Chinese Air Force, etc.), GRG will commence fabrication of the initial GRG-AEROS system.

In addition, several other countries have already expressed serious interest to sponsor GRG-AEROS ERBs, including: Mexico, USA, Malaysia, India, Japan, the European Economic Community (represented by the Netherlands) and others.

Three of the biggest problems facing the world today are:

  • The continuing pollution and deterioration of the world’s oceans
  • The pollution of rivers, lakes, and harbors by industrial effluents; and
  • The inability and repeated failures of the oil industry and regulators to protect marine and coastal environments from the economic and ecological impacts of oil spills.

Over the past decade, GRG has invested approximately $7 million (excluding any valuation for the dozens of man-years of continuous work without salaries by the founder-inventor and by other senior GRG executives). GRG has worked diligently to develop solutions to address these major global issues. 

GRG audited financial statements are available. GRG now needs additional funding to take its exciting product line to market and ultimately to global commercialization. 

The company has obtained a strategic global advantage by developing:

  • “AEROS”: The world’s first satellite-controlled, Airborne Robotic Oil Spill Recovery System
  • “MOSS”: The oil-rig-mounted, oil tanker-mounted, truck and trailer-mounted version of AEROS.

Global Response Group’s AEROS System is the world’s first satellite-controlled, Airborne Emergency Response to Oil Spills. The core technology of MOSS, hydrocyclone separation of oil & water, is identical to that of AEROS. Watch a brief video presentation of the AEROS system and MOSS core technology »

AEROS and MOSS technologies are protected by patents and patent applications registered in the US, Canada, and in Brussels with the world headquarters of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, as well as in Mexico, Japan and China.


Manufacturing Strategy:

  • The initial AEROS Systems will be manufactured in Calgary, Alberta at the facilities of strategic alliance partner Foremost Industries Ltd.
  • Subsequent AEROS and MOSS systems will have a large percentage of components manufactured at the proposed GRG joint-venture factory in China (details available).

Note: This manufacturing strategy will significantly reduce manufacturing costs and will effectively deter potential competitors from reverse-engineering and circumventing the AEROS & MOSS patents. 

Marketing Strategy:

  • The AEROS System will be marketed as a turnkey disaster response service provided by a global network of Emergency Response Bases (ERBs)
  • The MOSS System will be marketed under long-term leasing contracts to oil companies, tanker operators and platform operators.  


  • GRG stock can be purchased through GRG’s securities lawyers in Irvine California
  • Interested parties may request a copy of the GRG Term Sheet, the GRG Private Placement Memorandum “PPM”, and the GRG Share Subscription Agreement

Note: Upon approval, Mr. Sullivan will connect prospective investors with the GRG securities lawyers in Irvine, California for follow-up and issuance of GRG Stock Certificates.

  • Note: Very large new shareholders may be offered a position on the GRG Board of Directors.