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20120726 OpenROV presentation, New hull design, Berkeley visit, Bambu

posted Jul 26, 2012, 2:28 AM by Cesar Harada

OpenROV at the Annex

Gabriella and I went to see a presentation of OpenROV at the Annex, a building next to techshop. 

OpenROV Decision Making process
That's Eric Stackpole explaining the choices they make, the decision making process. Something I described here for Protei - so many common points ! - : Protei 1m R&D sample process

it was interesting to see the ethernet over 2 wires :
  2 wires ethernet communication

Protei_010 hull design

We are making progress on the hull design, version after version. 

Protei_010 hull evolution 
it looks like the hinged system is a good one, but this time, unlike Protei_008b we want to avoid all these gaps in the hull.
Also now we are pretty sure, we want to use a stepper on a worm gear for both the actuation of the hull and the sails:
But we're unsure about how to wire the hull in order to avoid leakage and weak points. 
Maybe the motors are in the dry, and only the axes communicates to the outside, where the reel and actuation cables are in the wet in an exposed controlled box?

Protei_010 hull evolution

We have agreed on the electro-mechanic architecture, but we still have way to go to design a robust, easy to manufacture and easy to maintain hull and actuation system...

Berkeley University, Thomas Azwell, Gabriele Bellani

We had the privilege of meeting Thomas Azwell and Gabriele Bellani showed us around wave tanks and other experiments. Thomas Azwell, showed and gave us a novel efficient oil sorbent : 
  Oil Sorbent boom, more efficient 
 and we had a great tour of the wave tanks :
  Wave Tank. berkeley University

Gabriele current research in in suspension of micro-particles in turbulent fluids.
He is really interested in the physics of Protei because of his background in Aerospace and we discussed about the idea of working together to develop the research packages to explore the novel properties of a shape-shifting sailing vessel. 

Meeting Bambu and the Bird Boats of SF

We than had a drink with Bambu that is a wood re-finisher, that has been working for years in the Bay on bird boats
He gave us some precious information of where to find boat equipments. 
He recommended : 

Svendsen's Boat Works
1851 Clement Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501, United States
(510) 522-2886

San Francisco Boat Works
835 Terry A Francois Boulevard, San Francisco, CA, United States
+1 415-626-3275

Excel Plumbing Supply & Showroommore info
659 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110, United States
(415) 863-8889